Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Big Democrat Astroturf Labor Machine Fails in Wisconsin

John Gill, 45, of Menomonee Falls, voted for Darling and questioned the opposition's anti-GOP rhetoric, which went far beyond collective bargaining.
"This was all supposed to be about the workers' rights, so to speak. But that has not been brought up one time. It's all been misleading, the attack ads, things like that," Gill said. "The one reason they started this recall, they didn't bring up once."
Nowhere is Orwellian and Machiavellianism seen more clearly as what has been transpiring in the State of Wisconsin. Liberals using misleading words and imagery in order to cinch government backed Big Union control over the electoral processes of the state of Wisconsin. Thankfully, those efforts failed.

Liberals billed it as a Democrat backlash against the Conservative sweep of 2010 when Conservatives won both houses of the Legislature and the State Governorship in Wisconsin. What it turned out to be as one Wisconsiner described it, “[A] lot of people didn't get their way, threw a crybaby fit and decided to have a recall.” (see article)

Fueled by millions of dollars from national labor groups, the attempt to remove GOP incumbents served as both a referendum on Walker's conservative revolution and could provide a new gauge of the public mood less than a year after Republicans made sweeping gains in this state and many others.—Scott Bauer

The whole union backed movement was actually Democrat Astroturf funded by the high end of the Democrat Political Party and its political ally Big Democrat Labor Unions. They were attempting to overthrow the fair elections of the people of Wisconsin by employing strong-arm community organizing tactics.

It was also a weather vane for the upcoming 2012 elections and had Democrats managed to win, they would have been touted it as a National repudiation of Conservatives and Republicans.

The Wisconsin Democrat Big Union effort, a coalition of national union groups, caused spending of $31 million dollars in that state attempting to unseat the Republican majority in Wisconsin. They attacked six Republican seats using a nationally organized Democrat effort. Out of six Republicans, Democrats only managed to recall two Republicans this by any measure was an utter failure.

Democrats lost much more than face in this obvious recall rebellion against the voters of Wisconsin. This episode has national implications for the 2012 elections. Although, Liberals are known to act out in this type of riotous behavior when they lose, unfortunately for them it produced next to no results.

Next week two Wisconsin Democrat incumbents face recall. It will be interesting to see if they can weather the recall storm that their National Party has created.

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