Monday, August 29, 2011

Irene: the unserious crisis that Obama didn’t let go to waste

I found it quite interesting that we were getting weather updates from the president. Why would the Commander-in-Chief man the 24-hour weather channel to tell the American people that hurricane Irene could be an historic hurricane? Could it have anything to do with his abysmal approval rating and the fact that his administration’s philosophy is, “Never let a serious crisis go to waste.” (see

The fact is Politicians and the Media hyped hurricane Irene for political expediency. Toby Harnden outlines the strange relationship between press and politicians in his article, “Perfect Storm of Hype: Politicians, the media and the Hurricane Irene apocalypse that never was.” (see article)

In a picture of the sublimely absurd coverage, reporters looking for something disastrous to report about Irene positioned themselves in the worse possible ways in order to get their story. Follow Tucker Barnes reporting in Ocean City, Maryland reports on Hurricane Irene brown sea foam. (see 3:16 video)

At the same time president Obama by-passed the emergency personnel in his cabinet and took matters into this own hands. One paper reported that the president actually took control of the hurricane command center. (see story)

Then again, from Martha’s Vineyard the president took to warning the American people of, in the president’s words, the historical hurricane Irene. (see 3:29min video)

Why does the president feel the need to be the Weatherman-in-Chief? Three reasons immediately come to mind. Number one, this is an attempt to make this hurricane a crisis á la Rahm Emanuel. Number two this is an attempt to play off of hurricanes Rita and Katrina. The president is attempting to show that unlike the Bush administration his administration is responding rapidly to a hurricane.

Finally number three the president is polling at abysmal sub-Bush poll numbers. Therefore, Barry is looking for someone in the media to say that his poll numbers shot up because of this handling of the Irene hurricane crisis.

So allow me to ask, what do you think of the president’s handling of the hurricane Irene crisis? Believe me this poll question is coming.

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