Monday, August 22, 2011

Obama’s Arab Downgrade

A new Zogby poll, “Arab Attitudes, 2011,” has revealed that President Obama’s charm offensive in the Arab world has failed. After he promised to restore America’s international reputation, not only does the Arab world hate America more under Mr. Obama than it did under President George W. Bush, it even hates Mr. Obama - personally - more than it detested the swaggering unilateralist cowboy from Texas. —Michael Prell
S & P’s downgrade was a historic first for governmental fiscal irresponsibility under president Obama. Obama is the first and only president, which the country's credit rating has been downgraded. Michael Prell is a former adviser to Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu. In his article, “Obama made them hate us” Prell, describes a phenomenon he termed ‘Weak horse’ diplomacy. In short, the ‘Arab spring’ is more like the Arab Downgrade. (see article)

According to Prell because of president Barry Hussein Soetoro’s weak foreign policy the Arab world has downgraded president Soetoro below that of what they graded former president Bush. Just like the financial crisis the Soetoro, administration did not understand the depth of the hate for America and they did the wrong things to deal with the Arab world. Oh yes and the president made relations with the Arab world worst.

Open Demand to MSNBC for the Firing of Ed Schultz the Follow-up
On Thursday August 18, 2011, Creating Orwellian Worldview posted an open request for the firing of MSNBC’s Ed Schultz. (see previous post) That post generated request for an actual petition. Upon further discussion a petition was conceived and is now posted if you would like to read it and sign it please follow the link below:

If you value fairness and truth in elections please sign the petition so we may forward it to MSNBC.

Thank you
Creating Orwellian Worldview

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