Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Stephen Lerner Preaches Progressive Liberal Anarchy

Stephen Lerner at Progressive Summit Tells Unions, Community Organizers and Students They Need to Escalate Protests, Break Laws, Occupy Abandoned Houses and Spread the Crisis All Over U.S.
There is simply nothing to add to this outtake of Union official Stephen Lerner. Lerner appeared at a progressive summit where he gives the Progressive manifesto. Lerner tells union members, community organizers and students that they need to become anarchists and fight the Conservative power.

But last I checked Liberal Democrats are in power not Conservative Republicans. Janet Napolitano has been wasting her time looking for terrorists in White Conservative religious veterans when she should have been looking in the Liberal supporting unions and community organizers all along. (see 4:13min video)

There is no doubt that Liberal Progressives are the home grown terrorists that Napolitano should have been looking for. Liberals have been calling for insurrection in America since Egypt’s former President Hosni Mubarak was deposed.

Liberals are calling for the fundamental destruction of America. They must be stop.

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