Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Scandals Rock the Obama White house Media remains silent

You remember Abu Ghraib where pictures supposedly showed prisoner abuse. You remember Guantanamo Bay prison where prisoners of war were being held during the active war (the war is still ongoing) they were engaged in before capture. You recall the Patriot Act where certain ones among us went nuts because they claimed Bush was violating Constitutional guarantees of privacy.

Well the Baghdad Central Prison formerly known as Abu Ghraib is still open, Guantanamo Bay Prison is still open and the Patriot Act is still functioning. These were all supposedly scandals under the Bush administration so what has changed.

Hope and change has changed. In other words, President Barry Hussein Soetoro ran for the presidency in 2008 on the promises that he would right all of the wrongs of the Bush administration you know hope and change.

Only thing is Democrats are now in charge but all of the scandals of the Bush administration remain in place. Hum, isn’t that interesting. After countless hours of reporting and after all of the rants, raves and post about the shredding of the constitution that the Bush administration was allegedly doing why after almost 3 years in office the Soetoro administration has not stopped the violations that they accused the Bush administration of doing.

Why at least isn’t Guantanamo Bay prison closed, the president promised that he would close Gitmo in his very first year. He even signed an executive order to close the Cuban located base, so why is it still open?

It would be scandal enough if George W. Bush had promised something but instead reneged on his promise of closing high profile Guantanamo prison. The fact that all of these scandal are happening under the Soetoro administration and none are receiving the attention by the Progressive Liberal Media had they occurred under Bush.

That would be enough media fodder to pillory Bush for another eight solid years. Nevertheless, there are new scandals that make the just mentioned look like NYTs partisan gossip.

Solyndragate and Fast and Furious Government gun running to Mexican drug cartels are two scandals that would end the presidency of any other than the Progressive Liberal media’s made first Black president.

In the worst worldwide economic downturn in the history of the Western world the Soetoro administration gambled $35 billion dollars of tax payers moneys on green energy ventures that they knew beforehand were failing and destined for bankruptcy. Yet the Progressive Liberal media is virtually mum.

Then there’s two U.S. border agents and one hundred and fifty Mexican citizens murdered with what could be guns that the government of the United States gave to Mexican cartels. Evidence shows that AG Eric Holder knew about this operation and it is believed that the president knew too. Yet the PLM is not reporting on this scandal either.

A Fox News panel complete with Progressive Liberal shill Alan Combs discuss the new scandals and the lack of PLM reporting on those scandals. (see 8:23mins video)

These are scandals that a White president would be held accountable for in the PLM but for the first Black president they’re hardly mentioned. Just another reason that the Progressive Liberal media is dying.

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  1. I love asking some of these questions on libtard forums. I haven't gotten an intelligent response yet!