Friday, March 30, 2012

It’s Time for Conservative Radio to Leave Clear Channel

Speech can never by free if unscrupulous men and women are allowed to control it. When I was coming up there was a saying, “I can say what I want it’s a free country.” You probably have to be over forty to remember that sentiment. That type of thinking was prominent when the country leaned more Conservative. Then the Avant-garde, the Lenny Bruces, the Richard Pryors, the Norman Lears (hiding behind Archie Bunker and George Jefferson) all said what they wanted, often on broadcast television, because they were advancing Liberal Progressive ideas. In addition, because of the idea of the 1st amendment that guaranteed freedom of speech.

Now that these same Liberals in government control the country, media, business, science and education there is no longer freedom of speech. Freedom of speech and thought has been replaced with Soviet styled propaganda and mass brainwashing techniques. This statement is not hyperbole. This statement was taken from the mouth of U.S. Attorney General Eric Holder when he was a U.S. Attorney in 1995 in the Clinton administration when he speaks about over turning another Constitutional amendment that Liberals disagree, with the 2nd amendment. (see 3:29 min video)

It is clear that the tactics that A.G. Holder espoused in the above video are in play in the Barry Hussein Soetoro administration. Liberals are against both freedom of speech, if that speech is Conservative speech, and they oppose the Constitutional right to bear arms.

It is apparent that Liberals are relentless in their attacks against legitimate Constitutional rights of free speech and gun ownership. However, first on the Liberal agenda is to get Barry Hussein Soetoro reelected the way Liberals intend to do that is by killing Conservative talk radio.

Already mysteriously, the face of Conservative radio landscape is changed. Many of the prominent voices that held prime time slots prior to the 2008 elections have been either moved or removed from radio. The Conservative voices were removed stealthily so that conservative listeners would not be riled into action.

They have been replace with phony Conservatives like ones in the San Diego market, Mike Slater and Chip Franklin, Franklin openly acknowledges that he is no conservative, they replaced staunch Conservatives like Rick Rogers in that market to make the reelection of Barry Hussein more attainable.

Progressives couldn’t have the truth told about their President and their agenda in an election year. Therefore, they surreptitiously moved conservative voices out of prime time replacing them with fakes.

The Washington Post reports that the greatest attack against conservative radio is being orchestrated by the organization “Media Matters” (see article)

Media Matters has taken to extremist measures but threatening advertisers of conservative radio with boycotts. Media Matters has sunk so low as to use negative publicity tactics against stations like Clear Channel and their advertisers. If owners fail to capitulate to Media Matter’s demands to silence conservative talk, they rarely do, Media Matters uses economic black mail. It is a clear effort to quash freedom of speech when that speech confronts the Social Liberal messaging that prevails throughout the country.

Therefore, if Clear Channel-owned Premiere Radio Networks and Advertisers know that they are being played by Media Matters, and they should, yet they don’t have the value set to support conservative values Conservatives should divest themselves of Clear Channel and all Liberal influenced and controlled media and advertisers.

Apparently, Media Matters wishes to split the country further along partisan lines creating a time in which one day Conservatives will only shop in conservative stores and Liberals will only shop in liberal stores.

If Clear Channel and some of it’s advertisers are going to acquiesce to the Progressive Liberal Media Matters then so be it. Maybe it is time for Conservative radio to leave Clear Channel and start their own exclusive stations and media companies.

What about it Rush instead of tea or as well as tea why not you and Sean Hannity, Mark Levin, Glenn Beck, Laura Ingram and Michael Savage, G. Gordon Liddy, Dennis Prager and any conservative that I’ve might have missed look for investors and start a media corporation that would be impervious to the meddling of the likes of Media Matters?

You all believe in capitalism, you all believe in the first amendment, it’s time to leave Clear Channel before they further limit your abilities to speak freely. Right now all conservative radio has been muted we all hear it you are not free to tell the truth for fear of losing advertisers.

Lenny Bruce and Richard Pryor fought for freedom of speech from their prospective. Why aren’t conservatives doing the same? Leave Clear Channel!

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