Monday, September 10, 2012

The Case for Firing Obama

“No president — not me, not any of my predecessors — no one could have fully repaired all the damage that he found in just four years.”—President William Jefferson Clinton, DNC Convention 2012
How does a Party go from having all of the answers in 2008 to having only excuses in 2012? I tell you how by actually putting their harebrained ideas into practice and then watching those ideas fail.

According to Democrats, they were going to fix the economy, heal the environment and save the world, remember. The truth is they would much rather that you didn’t remember all of the promises they made. But don't you remember the Hope and Change divisive Barry Hussein Soetoro rhetoric? I certainly remember.

The only thing Mr. Soetoro was successful at was making a bad economic situation far worst. He did that and he further divided this nation along racial special interest groups.

In fact why don’t you just forget the last four years, that's what the president's administration would like you to do, they have. And have you noticed that they aren’t talking so much about those seemingly lost years of the Obama presidency suffice to say, ‘it’s not their fault that they couldn’t fix what they said your vote for them would fix.’

As a matter of fact they brought out the most esteemed of the Democrats, Bill (gettin’ busy in the Oval Office) Clinton to tell you that not even he could have done what president Soetoro failed to do. Therefore you must re-elect the president, give him more time to try the same old failed policies that didn’t work in his first four years. Maybe those policies just may work this time. That’s insanity!

Two things wrong with that logic. Number one, some economists claim the Soetoro administration and the Democrat controlled Congress (in power when he was elected) had they not gone on the largest social spending spree in the history of our nation the economy could have been fix. Some claim that had Soetoro simply kept his 2008 campaign promises he could have repaired the economy. (If Obama had kept his campaign promises, We wouldn’t have a deficit today)

Second, a president did face an economic collapse on the scale that Soetoro faced but he did in fact bring the economy from the brink of failing and he did it in just four years. That president was, Ronald Wilson Reagan. Michael Graham reports in the Boston,

“Ronald Reagan […] inherited [from Democrat president Jimmy Carter] an economic collapse, an energy crisis, inflation around 18 percent, interest rates at 21 percent — all with the constant threat of an expanding Soviet empire looming in the background.

Four years later, America had the fastest growth and the lowest inflation in the Western industrialized world. As Louis Woodhill writes in Forbes, the number of jobs after the first three years of Reagan’s recovery jumped an astounding 8.97 percent. (see story)

Democrats, enough with the lies and the excuses. Democrats elected this president and will attempt to re-elect him because he is Black and he advances their social agenda, an agenda by the way that is bankrupting this country. Contrary to Democrat misconceptions they did not elect him for the good of the country. They elected him to allay White guilt

The fact that president Clinton acknowledges that president Soetoro has failed should be enough to make Soetoro a “one term proposition.” Soetoro promise to have this economy fixed in three years, out of his own mouth is the case to have him fired.

We all saw the so-called experts that this president called in to fix our economy, Alan B. Krueger of Princeton, Katharine Abraham, Austan Goolsbee, Christina Romer, Timothy Geithner, Carl Shapiro, Steven N. Braun, Gene Amromin, Lee Branstetter, Tom Buchmueller, Lisa D. Cook, Benjamin Harris, Rob Johansson, Craig Peters, Chuck Pierret, Daniel Vine, Jeff Borowitz, Colleen Carey, David Cho, Judd Cramer, Reid Stevens and Pedro Spivakovsky-Gonzalez. Yet the best that these, “the best and the brightest” could do was to send the president out to tell Americans that his administration had no idea of how bad things were.

These economic geniuses sent the president out informing him and us that they predict that a $787 to $830 billion stimulus package would jump-start the economy. However, it failed to do so. After that failure and on their advice the Soetoro administration declared the summer of 2010 the “summer of recovery” (see here and here) Another failure!

Now this so-called brain trust is caterwauling that they didn’t know how bad the economy was when they specifically told us that it was a crisis and that it was the greatest downturn since the “great depression.”

No what they didn’t know is how to fix it. Instead, their progressive ideas only made the situation worst. They brought the wrong solutions to an already bad economy and made it exponentially worst.

After promises from Democrats that they know what our problems are and after promises that they would fix our economic problems by cutting the deficit in half by the end of the president’s first term in office, the president should be fired because the deficit has not decrease as promised but increase to 16trillion dollars when it was 9 trillion when he campaign in 2008. That figure is almost doubled. (see source) (see 1:30min video)

The president should be fired not re-elected. He said that if he didn’t have the economy fixed in three years he would be a “one term proposition.” Yet he has the temerity to ask for a second term hoping that you will vote for him because he’s likable and that you will vote for him because he’s Black.

Two good reasons to vote for him if he were running for Homecoming King of America, but he is not. We’ve elected a smile and good-looking suit of clothes for president in 2008 it would be to America’s shame to do it again.

That is the case why America should fire Barry Hussein Soetoro!

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