Wednesday, November 07, 2012

Sensitive Benghazi Consulate Documents Indicate Distress

Reporter: “The letters revealed that since September 9, the Americans had been requesting special security arrangements, in preparation for the arrival of Ambassador Chris Stephens to Benghazi. These arrangements included the police guarding the front and rear gates of the consulate around the clock, in addition to a mobile patrol and a bomb-sniffing dog.
New evidence suggests the government knew of the serious security concerns regarding the Benghazi U.S. consulate days before and the day of September 11 attacks and subsequent murders. (see 3:44min video)

This information brings to light the fact that the WH, the President and UN ambassador Susan Rice always knew that the consulate attack was not a spontaneous attack resulting from a YouTube video as the administration attempted to establish early on.

The attack on the Benghazi US consulate was a terrorist attack from the very first day. The WH knew this. The president knew this, so why was his first impulse to lie to the American people?

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