Monday, December 03, 2012

Obama’s Aide Orwellian Lincoln remark

For those of you who’s college degree isn't in American history or if you simply slept through those high school American history classes there is still hope for you. Steven Spielberg’s motion picture Lincoln, showing this holiday season, gives an account of the political machinations behind freeing America’s slaves.

Simultaneously Mr. Spielberg captures the anguish of the Civil War America fought because of it’s slaves as accounted and based partly on the book, “A Team of Rivals” written by Doris Kearns Goodwin. Spielberg’s depiction is a pungent retelling of Lincoln, a Republican president and HIs Republican Party, a Party that was formed for the abolition of slavery. Moreover, how Lincoln worked against strong Democrat opposition to free Black people in America.

Therefore, I must say I was taken aback when I heard MSNBC’s reporter Chuck Todd’s retelling of a conversation he had with an Obama top aide, by Mr. Todd’s described this person is very smart. However, what Mr. Todd alleged this person to have said was extremely ignorant or deceptively Orwellian.

This very close aide to the president is reported to have said something to the affect, if Lincoln were attempting to free slaves today he would fail because of Republican resistance and political polarization in Washington. (see 28sec video)

Democrats were on the wrong side of the slavery fight in America they fought against Lincoln and Republicans. It is evident that Lincoln was murdered for his efforts to end slavery. Yes, LBJ signed 1968 Civil Rights Legislation however, Republicans fought to get that legislation before JFK before he was assassinated. Subsequently president Johnson signed it. (Politifact)

Democrats continuously play to an Orwellian pretense, which claims they are the Party of historic anti-slavery as well as being the civil rights Party. However, that view is totally askew of reality. However, it is perfectly in line with Orwellian Worldview.

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