Monday, October 28, 2013

Obama Talking head attempts to Filibuster Obamacare Interview

Dr. Zeke Emanuel attempts to blow pass Fox News Anchor Megyn Kelly with stock Democrat talking point tactics. The overall tactic which Dr. Emanuel employs is a Democrat invention called the "Pivot" as taught by Democrat operative Howard Deen. The pivot is used by all Democrats from Nancy Pelosi to President Barry Hussein Soetoro. President Soetoro however is one of the best at using it. It is a tactic which the Democrat remains non-responsive and never directly answers a question posed to them. Instead they turn the question around by attacking the one who asks the question, or by attacking a Republican or Republican policy or by attacking George Bush. (see Don't answer their questions)

Kelly didn't know what she was dealing with therefore she was virtually hapless in dealing with Dr. Emanuel's tactics.

In this remarkable illustrative interview on how Democrat operatives Filibuster against the truth with the "Pivot", Dr. Emanuel stooped as low as to attempt to blame former President Bush for the need of the disastrous Obamacare law that Democrats forced on the American people with the aid of bribed or blackmailed Supreme Court Justice John Roberts. (see 9:20min video)

Amazingly at the end Dr. Emanuel asked for another interview where he could uninterruptedly propagandize for Obamacare. Democrats believe that they can talk right pass reality.

I must admit that so far, with the aid of ABC, NBC, CBS, 60 minutes,MSNBC,CNN, Fox News,Jon Stewart,Stephen Colbert and print media NYT, LAT and various other Progressive Left-wing propaganda media outlets Democrats are given the ability to "talk right pass reality" without question.

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