Friday, April 18, 2014

Maybe Dinosaur Flatulence caused Dinosaur extinction!

“[I]sn’t it wonderful how scientists have now discovered that global warming itself may in fact solve global warming?” --Alaphiah
Scientists now are taking the heat, so to speak, off anthropogenic global warming and expanding their blame to animals too. Yes in two remarkable recent admissions scientist now believe that global warming actually helped shrink greenhouse gas emissions 3.4 percent from 2011 to 2012. That is down to greenhouse gas lowest levels not seen since 1994. However, more on that in a moment.(Global warming help shrink greenhouse gases)

Warmer winter weather, which many environmentalists blame on global warming, actually helped to cut emissions of global warming-causing greenhouse gasses to the lowest level in a decade, according to a newEPA report on climate change.

Also in an equally shocking finding animals that do not drive SRVs or burning wood or coal are now listed as number two and three causes of Global warming. To celebrate this finding I invented a special designation for this new admission by scientist! Zoolpogenic Global warming. Global warming caused by animals. As I said, it is a new admission by scientists but it certainly is not a new phenomenon.

Now that scientist have established Zoolpogenic Global warming, that is, cow and pig flatulence and urine produce greenhouse gases as second and third causation for Global warming we anthropic beings shouldn’t have to feel so guilty .

One can only suppose that dinosaurs were extremely abundant and hundreds of times larger than any cow or pig, I’m guessing that if climate change is cause as scientist say then zoolpogenic dinosaur activity caused the earth to heat to extreme temperatures. Thereby, causing the earth to become too hot for life due to greenhouse gases naturally occurring from dinosaur belches and farts. This in turn triggered the subsequent catastrophic event that lead to the extinction of dinosaurs. I am sure dinosaur’s output of belches and flatulence was far worse by comparison than anything man is doing.

Nevertheless, back to my opening thought, isn’t it wonderful how scientists have now discovered that global warming may in fact solve global warming? If a warm winter as they claim actually shrunk greenhouse gases 3.4 percent from 2011 to 2012 then doesn’t it make sense that inevitably Global warming is self-curing?

If so there is no need for carbon cap and trade, there is no need for reducing wood and coal burning , there is no need to capture cow flatulence and there is no need to tax farmers, tax anyone or tax anything for carbon dioxide emissions, just let the earth do what it always does heal itself.

Now that we know that Global warming isn’t simply man’s irresponsible behavior we can all tone back the volume on the climate change arguments. The fact is carbon has been emitted into the earth’s atmosphere, since the time of the dinosaurs, in staggering amounts when there were not any men anywhere around . Not only that man’s activity has not and is not causing or producing anything abnormal in the atmosphere.

The indisputable fact is, carbon and greenhouse gases have been released into the air long before carbon emitting coal-burning plants and long before a carbon footprint was anything but the fossil record of a giant Apatosaurus’ footprint.

Just think about it Global warming or Climate change is as old as the dinosaurs. The earth is still here undestroyed. So be truthful if you advocate taxation in the name of climate change, i.e. carbon reduction, you are attempting to steal someone’s money you are NOT attempting to save the planet.

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