Tuesday, July 04, 2006

Anti-Americanism is a reflection of Europe’s “America envy.”

Anti-Americanism is a reflection of Europe’s “America envy.”

European Elitism and jealousy is the cause foranti-Americanism world-wide. This statement probably runs contrary to your belief that America and American policies are the causes for Anti-Americanism. And what’s more you may blame America’s recent disfavor in the world and with Europe on the war in Iraq or on President George W. Bush.

However you would be wrong. Sure the war and President Bush are convenient targets which to project European scorn and ridicule against, but Europe’s hatred of America is derived fromEurope’s own perceptionsand their own fear of American power combined with Europe’s own sense of economic and military weakest.

"America-bashing is in fashion as it has not been since Ronald Reagan accurately described the Soviet Union as an “evil empire”. Anti-Americanism is not confined to the usual radical chic suspects of the Left; in Britain, it infects the High Tory Establishment, “good Europeans” and little Eng-landers alike. --United Kingdom Times"

It is American economic and military power that is the envy of the world and it is this power that draws resentment as well.

Europe’s hate for the other has long been established. As far back as the 5th century European tribalistic rivalries were displayed by warring tribes of Gothics, Franks, Anglons and Saxons each of these groups thought themselves better than the other. Each thought themselves superior to the other, and this characteristic is one that latter Europeans would carry as they colonized the known world. Europeans still hold this elitist view about themselves.

Would it surprise you to know that just as Muslims teach their children hatred of Jewish people France and German textbooks teach hatred for Americans? According to the United Kingdom Times, Adam Sage, there are school textbooks designed to give pupils in France and Germany a common vision of postwar history is colored by Gallic anti-Americanism. If this is true no matter what the U.S. does or doesn’t do like Israel we will be hated by this new generation of Europeans because of taught anti-Americanism.

More recently Europe is attempting to best America in the world economy. TheEuro and theAirbus are swipes at America economic power.
"The sharpest transatlantic disputes are economic, reflecting the interests that are bound sometimes to pit two of the world's three largest trading powers against each other.
The arrival of the European single currency, the Euro, gives a new edge to the rivalry." –BBC News

However like Hitler at the 1936 Olympics whose Arian race was bested by one of inferior race (according to Hitler), Europe can not to well boast of superiority while the inferior Americans have a better economy than theirs.

Thus the reason for the unifying of Europe or the European Union, the unifying of their currency in the likeness of American currency and the challenge in business, the Airbus, are all the results of European envy and hatred of America.

America’s economic success has long been the bane of Europeans whose boasts of superiority did not match with the reality of American leadership in the world and Europe’s heretofore weak economies and eroding social conditions.

Thus Anti-Americanism in the world is largely European envy of the economic and military leadership of America.

Europe's jealousy has damaged relationship between the two and if America is hurt in Europe's attempt to ones up on America there will be no one to protect the world from the dangers that we are all now facing.

Europe's not doing to do it! They should be praying for America's continued success if not the alternative is the end of the western world as we know it.

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