Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Democrat’s play to fear and ignorance to win ’06 and ‘08

With control of the U.S. Congress at stake in up coming elections, many in the Democratic Party see a "sense of chaos" in the Middle East, their plan to obstruct government progress and blaming President Bush as their ticket to reclaiming the Senate and the House of Representatives from Republicans.

New York Democratic senator and potential 2008 presidential candidate Hillary Rodham Clinton who has absolutely no military or foreign policy experience confronted Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld with a list of "strategic blunders" she said had led to the crisis in Iraq and later called for his resignation.

"I think people want change in Iraq," said New York Sen. Charles Schumer who heads the effort to get Democrats elected to the Senate. An effort that has called for attempting to sabotage the Bush Administrations every move in the war while attempting to sway public opinion against the war effort.

Democrat strategy has seemed to work. Polls say that most Americans don't think things are going well in Iraq. In a CNN survey released on Friday, 36 percent approved of Bush's management of the war and 62 percent disapproved.

These percentages have given Democrat a great deal of buoyancy and hope for control of the House and Senate in upcoming 2006 elections as well as belief that they can win the White house 2008.

Influential congressional Democrats, many of whom voted to give the president the authority to invade Iraq, joined forces this week in a letter calling on the president to begin withdrawing U.S. troops by the end of the year.
Led by the top Senate Democrat, Harry Reid of Nevada and his counterpart in the House, Nancy Pelosi of California, the signatories included party centrists and liberals who have disagreed over the way forward in Iraq purely for political reasons.

"I think the American people found their voice, and they are listening to us," Reid said on Friday. "I think the American people are where we are.” It is interesting that Senator Reid equates the American people’s voice with listening to Democrats!

Since 2000 Democrats have attempted to create chaos in the American body politic in a number of political moves. They did this by first throwing the 2000 elects into doubt. Then by questioning the legitimacy of the Presidency and then disavowing a war that they voted for, they attempted to bring down the Bush presidency through baseless allegations and false scandals, and now they attempt to sabotage the war effort by withdrawing troops which will guarantee a Vietnam like result, an American loss.

If Democrats believe that pandering to fear and ignorance are keys to victory in 2006 and 2008 as they apparently do and if America is as fearful and ignorance as Democrats think they are then perhaps Democrats will win. If they do win they will still have to fight Islamic terrorism and as seen in Europe Liberal policies and beliefs are not working against the onslaught of Islamic fascism.

A Democrat majority in the House and Senate or a Democrat Presidential win will pave the way for Islamic terrorism’s defeat of the Western world first with an withdraw from Iraq and then with the United States acquiescing to all Islamic demands as Osama bin Laden as previously laid out.

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