Wednesday, August 09, 2006


Anti-war Protest NYC

On the defeat of three-term moderate Senator Joe Lieberman in the Connecticut primary to Anti-Bush, Anti-war challenger Ned Lamont the Democrats have signaled that they are no longer satisfied with being part of the political mainstream. Democrats have turned to the dark side, the netroot hard leftist Anti-Israel radical dark side of their party.

There is no room in the party for moderates like Joe Lieberman or for that matter a Democrat Conservative like Zell Miller, the only good Democrat is a radical liberal Democrat that hates Bush and hates the war.

This is a party sired out of the George Soros, Michael Moore, Cindy Sheehan, and Markos Moulitsas Zuniga of the Daily Kos movement and is driven by hatred and fanaticism. This turn to the hard left will certainly make it impossible to connect with Conservatives. And whether Democrats care to acknowledge it or not, they need Conservative cross over votes to win in 2008, but any Conservative liberal or moderate will have a hard time finding anything in common with the netroot haters on the radical Democrat left.

Any hope of connecting with Independents and Moderates of any type is virtually ended now too. Anti-Bush and anti-war radicals will take the Democrat party to a place that main stream America can ill afford to go.

America realizes that in the radical liberal mind anti-Bush translates to hate all Conservatives and conservative ideas while anti-war translates into a cut and run capitulation to terrorists.

The problem with radical Liberal’s reasoning is that terrorists officially started warring against America in 1996. It was then through a fatwa declared by Osama bin Laden that terrorist began acts of war against Americans and American interest. If American troops were withdrawn from Iraq today Islamic terrorist would still be at war with the United States.

Funny, even so, I haven’t seen Cindy Sheehan camped out in front of Osama’s cave entrance demonstrating for the terrorists to end the war! Osama’s 1996 and 1998 fawtas started terrorist attacks against America which lead to this war and only he can call for the war's end Cindy!

However, that fact will not deter the anti-Bush, anti-war radical Liberal haters from blaming America and President Bush for terrorist attacks made against us or for blaming America for the war that resulted from those attacks. Also this rejection of Lieberman could indicate that the Democratic Party is now embracing anti-Semitist elements within its party.

Look for a decisive loss for the Democrats in 2008 because their turn to the hard left will do nothing but further alienate themselves from the political mainstream of America as their radicalizism will continue to injure the political process in America in general.

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