Monday, September 25, 2006

The Orwellian Truth According to Bill Clinton

According to former President Clinton the vast right-wing conspiracy got it all wrong and he’s going to set the record right! President Clinton believes that Chris Wallace was attempting to move his bones in yesterday’s Fox news interview, he also believes that ABC and Fox are a part of the vast right-wing conspiracy to defame him regarding what his administration did to prevent terrorism in the eight years of his presidency. And finally Mr. Clinton believes that Richard Clark is the sole authority on terrorism in the world. You got all that? But wait there’s more.

Also President Clinton says that it was the FBI and the CIA’s fault that he didn’t kill Osama bin Laden and Chris Wallace’s interview was a conservative hit job set up to deflect criticism from Rupert Murdock’s support of Clinton’s work on climate change. You believe that? Well if you’re a Democrat you might.

What is so incredible about this exchange is that in the span of four questions Clinton transformed from a cool in control former President into a radical partisan hack, all on the posing of one fatal question, why didn’t you do more to put bin Laden and al Qaeda out of business?

Using partisan hack language like neo-Cons and right wingers, language that one would find on any Liberal anti-Conservative internet chat board the former President became argumentative and combative while leaning forward into Wallace as he attempted to defend his administrations failure to deal with terrorism.

Clinton said, “I worked hard to try to kill him (Osama bin Laden), I authorized the finding the CIA to try to kill him we contracted with people to try to kill him I got closer to killing him than any one’s gotten since.”

The former President then went on the attack by impugning Chris Wallace and the Fox networks integrity he said, “You set this meeting up because you’re going to get a lot of criticizisms from your viewers because Rupert Murdock supported my work on the climate change and you came here under false pretenses and said that you would spend half of the time talking about you said you spend half the time talking about what we did out there to raise 7 billion dollars plus in three days from 215 different commitments and you don’t care.”

Whew! Then I realized. To President Clinton fighting terrorism is a little like playing football for the Detroit Lions. You know, after one day after Detroit lost 9-6 to Seattle and failing to score a touchdown Detroit wide receiver Roy Williams thought that it was, “ … stupid how close we were to putting 40 points on the board." President Clinton probably thinks that it was stupid just how close his administration came to killing Osama bin Laden!

I’m betting that President Clinton, like Williams, would do well in a game of horse shoes!

It wasn’t the former President’s fault, he authorized the CIA to kill bin laden and the CIA failed.

President Clinton said that he didn’t do anything about the bombing of U.S.S. Cole because the FBI and the CIA did not certify that Osama bin Laden had anything to do with the bombing while he was President. Boy those FBI and CIA guys just aren’t doing the job are they?

And though the 9/11 commission report shows that his administration was at fault in many failed attempts to get bin Laden according to Clinton the 9/11 commission report is just a political document. A political document?

The former President said, “ After the Cole I had battle plans drawn to go into Afghanistan over throw the Taliban and launch and full scale attack and search for bin laden but we needed basing rights in Uzbekistan which we got after 9/11 the CIA and the FBI refused to certify that bin laden was responsible while I was there they refused to certify so that meant that I would have had to send a few hundred special forces in in helicopters to refuel at night and even the 9/11 commission didn’t do that, now the 9/11 commission is a political document too.”

So let’s count the excuses. There was the, At least I tried excuse, the vast right-wing Neo-Cons is out to get me excuse, the I got closer than anybody else excuse, the FBI and CIA don’t certify bin Laden did it excuse, the CIA don’t kill him excuse, and the 9/11 commission is a political document excuse. Did I get them all?

So I’m thinking that Clinton like ex-New Jersey Governor Jim McGreevey has a truth that is solely his and for him. Mr. Clinton can say in the same fashion of McGreevey, My own personal truth is that I am a President that has done more to try to kill bin Laden then any other President and failed. Now all he needs is for anyone who is not a Democrat to buy his spin.

Hey Oprah you gonna do that interview?

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