Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Backhanded Regards to Karl Rove

More on the Chris Wallace Fox news interview where former President Bill Clinton continued to give insight into the political machinations of his mind. In the interview with Chris Wallace, Clinton took time to complement (though tongue in cheek) Karl Rove.

Clinton said that he honors Karl Rove because he is good! Yes good according to the former President. It was like Socrates paying Plato a complement. In that subtle bit of admiration the former President tells a lot about himself. Mr. Clinton shows that he believes it is good to dis-inform the American people to win elections, that’s what he means with that complement to Rove. What else could he mean?

This writer doesn’t think that Mr. Rove is purposely deceiving the American people but apparently Democrats and President Clinton do. Clinton said, “That’s their job their job’s to beat us, I like that about Rove but our job is not to let them get away with it and if they don’t then we’ll do fine.”

What Clinton was referring to is getting away with making the Democrats appear to look like they don’t care about terror or make it seem that Democrats are weak on terror. Clinton seems to think that the Republicans have the power to make Democrats look as if they are not serious about terror and the security of this country. Not John Murtha, John Kerry or any of the Cindy Sheehan Democrats.

The White house and the Republicans want to make the America people afraid according to President Clinton. Not Osama bin Laden, al Qaeda or the defeatist Democrats who constantly cry that we can’t win in Iraq.

However here is a key mistake that the former President made in this interview, Clinton tipped the Democrat’s hand by suggesting that the Democrats stacked their political deck with military candidates this time around. Clinton said that Democrats have nine candidates that are Iraq war veterans who are running for house seats. Humm? I wonder if any of them or all are like Rep. John Murtha?

He also bragged that, “We've got President Reagan's secretary of the navy as the Democratic candidate for the Senate in Virginia. A three-star admiral, who was on my National Security Council staff, who also fought terror, by the way, is running for the seat of Kurt Weldon in Pennsylvania.”

All of this is to give the appearance that Democrats have a huge military appearance in the 2006 elections. What this means is that the Democrats know that they are weak on defending America and they are adjusting cosmetically to appear strong.

This of course is Democrat transparent election strategy to off-set any Republican advantage on the war on terror as was Democrat’s recent effort to connect with Christians by having Senator Barack Obama invoke his religious beliefs in the media and on the campaign trail.

Clinton then began to outline political the machinations of issues and counter issues which he seems to believe is all a big game of “us against them” a game where it’s who is more successful in framing the political argument before the American people, you know, the Clinton game of spin and triangulation that he “is is” so famous for.

According to Clinton his only worry is that the Republicans may come up with a rhetorical devise that would put the Democrats in a box that they can’t get out of.

See to Clinton politics is all about the spin it’s all one big political game whoever’s deal works just keep on working it. It’s the spin stupid!

Spin, triangulate and frame the argument the way you wish it to be perceived by the America people. That’s the reason the former President was on Fox news Sunday.

This was an attempt to go right into the heart of Conservativism, that’s what Democrats perceive Fox to be, and do damage control on the questions that the movie “A path to 9/11” raised on the way the Democrats handled terrorism for eight years of the Clinton administration and if the other side can do it better than Clinton on framing the argument, then caudles to them from President Clinton.

Even if your name is Karl Rove!

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