Friday, September 29, 2006

Why Democrats will not win 2006, 2008

Leading Democrats are playing politics with the lives of U.S. troops in Iraq. By undermining U.S. policy there, they are emboldening the very terrorist movement they say they hope to defeat.

How stupid are Democrats? They have been decimated and they don’t even know it! And the sad but true fact is that they’ve done it to themselves again! And because of their hatred for Conservatives and their propensity for lies and deceit they will lose the 2006 and 2008 national elections.

Democrat Senators leaked the NIE report to their allies in the New York Times, Los Angeles Times and the New York Post and told the papers that the report was proof that the war in Iraq is causing an increase in terrorist.

• Leaked intelligence report says Iraq war is increasing Islamic radicalism
• Democrats say report proves that U.S. war strategies must change
• White House says media reports mischaracterized full report
• Leak comes as terrorism, war in Iraq are top election issues

This was meant of course to show that the war in Iraq is wrong on every level.

Leaking classified information is a crime punishable with prison time. The statutes are on the books, folks. Those who leak classified information and those who publicize it should go to jail but this is an election year and if the leakers are Democrats they are considered Whistleblowers but if Republicans are accused of leaking they are called traitors al a Valerie Plame. (By the way President Bush, V.P. Dick Cheney, and Karl Rove have been completely absolved of these spurious charges which were advanced by Democrats!)

The latest example: the selective leak from a National Intelligence Estimate – on the war on Iraq. According to the media's version of what was leaked, Americans are less secure now than before Iraq was invaded. It is not inconsequential that this report was leaked just over a month before national elections: In order to challenge these allegations, President Bush as forced to declassify a very sensitive NIE document.

It has been alleged that Democrat Rep. Nancy Pelosi is responsible for this leak; nevertheless, the intent for this leak was purely political and shows a long sustained pattern of disregard for national security, (at a time of war no less!) for the sake of political gain for those in the Democrat party.

As previously stated, this dangerous act of Democrats playing politics with American secrets forced the President to release a de-classified version of the intelligence report on terrorism and the Iraq campaign. But ironically the report refutes the original claims of the Democrats who point to it! The very report exposes those Democrats, and the liberal favoring MSM Papers, as Dan Rather liars who are again attempting to affect the outcome of an American political election by broadcasting unfounded lies about the Bush administration and the war in Iraq.

* The leakers cherry-picked the report, intending to undermine the administration's war policies, and the reporters bit - hook, line and sinker.

* Or the reporters - and editors - themselves collaborated in disseminating deliberately deceptive "news."

Either way, the original newspaper stories amounted to distribution of propaganda - witting or otherwise - that materially aided the cause of the enemy in time of war.

This is not the first time Democrats and main stream media have collaborated to hurt the U.S. Iraqi war effort. There was the Abu Ghraib leaked report, a leaked report from the US army’s internal investigations.

There was the Leaked CIA secret prisons information leaked by CIA agency employee Mary McCarthy which bears directly on the way we conduct investigations into terrorism and how we gather terrorist information.

Finally there is the NSA warrantless domestic surveillance program leaked to The New York Times and, first reported by The New York Times on December 16, 2005, which impacts the way in which America protects itself from terrorists plots.

It is not only these Democrat’s leaks that put America’s security at risk, but also out right false Democrat generated committee reports meant to put the Bush administration’s war on terrorism in the most negative light possible.

Jack Kelly reports such an instance in which a report when read is totally opposite of the reported conclusions drawn by Democrats who claimed that the report advises against the war. Kelly reports that after reading the whole 205 pages, he was stunned by the degree to which the "findings" in the body of the report did not support the "conclusions" made by Democrats at the end of it.

Two moderate Republicans -- Sens. Chuck Hagel of Nebraska and Olympia Snowe of Maine -- joined with Democrats to adopt "conclusions" designed more to abuse Mr. Bush than to convey what committee investigators actually found.

The committee voted, 8-7, to strip from the report this statement by Brig. Gen. Vincent Brooks describing an American raid on Salman Pak, an Iraqi base about 21 miles southeast of Baghdad:

"This raid occurred in response to information that had been gained by coalition forces from some foreign fighters we encountered from other countries, not Iraq. It reinforces the likelihood of links between (Saddam's) regime and external terrorist organizations, clear links with common interests."

The reference to what was found at Salman Pak had to go because it clashed with the committee's "conclusion" that Saddam Hussein had no ties to al-Qaida. Saddam "was resistant to cooperating with al-Qaida or other Islamist groups," the committee majority concluded.

To come to that conclusion, the Democrats not only had to drop Gen. Brooks' statement down the memory hole, they had to ignore a mountain of other evidence of Iraq's links to terror groups

Democrats have undermined America’s war effort in all instances to attempt to show that the Bush administration is not effectively waging productive war against terrorism.

They have leaked information, often classified secret documents, in their attempt to win the hearts and minds of the American people concerning the war in Iraq.

The truth is it is Democrats who have made us less safe from terrorism and terrorists threats not Republicans as they are charging.

The last sad and finally point is that Democrats have proven that they are willing to lose the war in Iraq in order to win the hearts and minds of the American people by turning Americans against the war on terror.

That is the reason why Democrats will lose in 2006 and 2008, because a Democrat win would mean that America would lose. Not only a loss in Iraq but a loss of the hearts and minds that the Democrats are so desperately vying for which would be a lost of the very soul of America, alas the very soul of America would be lost too!

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