Tuesday, October 17, 2006

It is Love or it is Pedophilia?

Tired of the Foley Flap? Want something comparable by a little different?
Well, speaking of Pedophilia and corruption of minors remember Mayor Gavin Newsom of San Francisco, you remember him, Newsom wanted to go down in history as the Martin Luther King Jr. of the homosexual rights movement by freeing homosexuals to marry in California which was also in violation of Californian state law and all conventional wisdom.

Newsom also ordered employees of the city of San Francisco to break state law by issuing marriage license to homosexuals and further ordered them to perform civil weddings. All lawless acts but hey this is America you should be able to do whatever you want right?

Well enough, so now about Newsom's latest disregard of the law, he's recently in the news for something that Liberals are accusing former Senator Mike Foley of, pedophilia.

Yes the 39 year-old sexually uninhibited politician is knockin' boots with a just turned 20 year old. The Mayor's new date is Brittanie Mountz who the San Francisco gate reported just turned 20 last month. However Brittanie's MySpace page said that she was 19 years old has been recently updated to state that she is 26.

But according to the Sonoma County registrar of voters, the Rohnert Park resident turned 20 on Sept. 17.

Apparently there are Photos of Mountz holding a wine glass during the opening of the new Westfield San Francisco Shopping Center, where Newsom also made an appearance. But according to the Mayor's office the couple did not arrive there together and the Mayor was not with her.

Whether Mountz was actually drinking alcohol at the shopping center opening remains a mystery. Attempts to reach her were unsuccessful.

But Newsom spokesman Peter Ragone distanced his boss from the event, saying the mayor and Mountz had arrived separately and had not been there together.

You know the old Clinton line -- (Clinton voice) I tried, but I didn't inhale-- when he was asked whether he ever tried Marijuana. Something like that huh!

No big deal only that drinking age in California is 21 years old.

So with the political atmosphere in Washington D. C. so highly charged with the investigation of a former Congressman's emails to young Congressional Pages it's interesting that out in sunny California whether it's homosexuality or pedophilia it all good!

Mayor Newsom you GO boy!

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