Monday, October 16, 2006

Should North Korea be made to pay for Hawaii's damages?

No man is an island no man stands alone, Each man is my brother. Each man is my friend.

I learned that lyric as a child and though I can't be certain that it is completely correct that is how I remember it.

However in the larger context we are related as people who share a common home the earth. That is why North Korea's recent underground Nuclear testings are so detrimental to the world community.

Is it just a coincidence that days after two North Korean underground nuclear test that the islands of Hawaii are facing earth tremblers, power outages and possible tsunamis. Are these events really unrelated?

Were there any predications of earthquakes in or around Hawaii predicated for this time? And is there any way of determining whether huge underground blasts are or are not able to cause chain reaction of events world wide?

Who would even pose these questions and to whom would these questions be asked of?

If North Korea's two underground Nuclear test can be linked to the recent Hawaii earthquake joltings on Sunday will the world community demand that North Korea pay for damages?

Finally if discovered that the recent event's in Hawaii where the result of North Korea's willful breaking of international laws the world community should not only require sanctions against North Korea but they should require payment for the negligent actions of a country that disregarded the safety of the world community by setting of nuclear bombs in the heart of mother earth with complete disregard for the earth or the other inhabitant on the planet!

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