Sunday, October 08, 2006

Like a Chicken with its Head Chopped Off

When I was young I saw a chicken being slaughtered for dinner. One quick blow to its neck and it was all over except the chicken began to run and run and run without its head.

Which is a lot like the former Congressman Mark Foley scandal, Congressman Foley resigned what, some five days ago. He’s gone, finished, and disgraced yet the scandal keeps running and running and running. Why?

Because it’s politically expedient! What did Hastert know and when did he know it? Should Hastert step down? Should the Republicans be run out of town? These questions ladies and gentlemen are all the machinations of the politicizing of a very tragic life. And those who seek to use this tragedy for political gain are villains too.

Also with the chicken it’s a neurological response. The running is a response because the body of the chicken hardly realizes that the small brain is gone until much later.

I guess the media’s brain is a lot like that. They’ve hardly realized that Congressman Foley is gone. One would think that with all of the Foley questions, investigations, hearings and reporting that he was still a sitting Congressman. Foley’s not here he’s gone!

I realize now that this, so called, scandal is like a funeral. A funeral is not intended for the departed, not really. A funeral is for all of us who wish to emote about, rationalize and justify the way we who remain live.

That’s what's really happening with these congressional hearings and media reports concerning the Foley scandal. Since 2000 some of us in this country have been emotionally disturbed. This scandal, this October surprise is our funeral. It’s just a cathartic way of expressing the way we really feel about President Bush and Republicans.

A time in which like DNC Chairman, Howard Dean you all can say, I hate Republicans and everything that they stand for. Plus what a wonderful opportunity to finally deal a fatal blow to the neck of your political rivals and pick up a few seats and control of the Senate and the Congress at the same time.

Why this is a firestorm! Yeah that’s the ticket, a firestorm… Gee and I thought this was about protecting children.

Oh well, things are never what they seem in an election year and scandals can be like funerals and dead chickens can ran.

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