Friday, October 06, 2006

Conservatives ARE Guilty

Yes this whole sorted Congressman Foley affair finds Republicans guilty of a grave and gross sin… which sin? They are guilty of the sin of TOLERANCE of course.

Republicans knew that Rep. Foley a Conservative Congressman is homosexual yet they were tolerant of him, Republicans knew about some of the emails too. Speaker Dennis Hastert told Foley to knock it off once Hastert heard of it, while remaining tolerant of the Congressman.

But because Republicans were politically correct and tolerant they left themselves open for the criticisms which they are now receiving, criticisms that they knowingly allowed a Homosexual Congressman to pursue young boy-Congressional pages on Capitol Hill and did nothing about it.

Don’t you get it? The real problem is with tolerance! Tolerance is the slippery slope from which Republicans have fallen and once one begins to allow behavior normally considered taboo to become normalized and once one allows that which is traditionally wrong to become legally right, what happens is the lines of acceptability becomes blurred. That is why Conservatives failed to act in this case; they are morally confused by tolerance.

Liberals want tolerance of homosexuality however there are many complexities surrounding those who are confused about their sexual identity, so it is with Congressman Foley. So it is with the myriad of sexual identity groups; cross dressers, lesbians, bi-sexuals, transsexuals, men who love boys, etc, etc, etc. This indeed has become a very complex social discussion. Who knew that a homosexual man would be attracted to children of the same sex? Liberals point out all the time that there is no connection between homosexuality and pedophilia.

In light of this new social conversation Conservatives who normal represent family and values have allowed themselves to become open to the left’s calls for tolerance. That is why there is a homosexual Republican Congressman in the first place. Homosexuality is socially accepted so who are the Republicans to deny a homosexual from being a Republican Congressman? They didn’t deny him! In fact they were tolerant and supportive of Congressman Foley.

However, when one relaxes values in order to be politically correct, as the Conservatives have done, the unconscionable can happen and in this case it did! The other thing to consider is Liberals are now attempting to use the fact that Conservatives did not uphold Conservative values even though Conservatives were attempting to show tolerance for Foley in this email situation.

But here is the irony, Liberals claim that it doesn’t matter that Foley was homosexual what matters is that he attempted to molest an under age child. However, as it is now known the page, at the center of all this controversy, was eighteen-years-old at the time that he received the Foley email.

There was no child involved! There was no sex involved; we are talking about an email to a consenting 18 year old adult. The only thing that is untoward about this whole scenario is that a Republican homosexual was involved even though he immediately stepped down from his Congressional seat. Unlike the Democratic Rep. Gerry Studds' who continued service in the House for 13 years after he admitted to having had actual sex with a teen page. Studds’ teen page WAS actually 16 years old!

So the truth and the bottom line is a Republican homosexual Congressman emailed an eighteen year old page, Jordan Edmund, who was not under age at the time of Foley’s email. So what are Democrats and Liberals of all stripes incensed about? In two words, power and control, Democrat’s see this made up scandal as an opportunity to win the House of Representatives.

So as I originally stated Conservatives are guilty; if they are guilty of anything they are guilty of being tolerant and politically correct. With real Conservatives in Congress we wouldn't be discussing the fact that Conservatives are supposed to be the party of morals and family values.

And no one would be able to say as they are now saying, Look Conservatives have a homosexual Republican Congressman who attempted to have sex with an underage child, Conservatives are hypocrites! They’re not a party of family values!

This is why, instead of electing Democrats or more of the same Conservatives, what we really need in the halls of Congress are “real” Conservatives, Conservatives that uphold family values and morals.

That’s what Liberals are asking for by this firestorm of outrage against Foley and Hastert and I say let’s give the Liberals what they want!


  1. It is not Foley's homosexuality that I find abhorrent. It is his predilection for children. He is a pedophile. He is a sexual predator.

    Only closet pedophiles are tolerant of pedophiles.

  2. Catnapping you found me out! Boy you're good! NOT!

    Come on CN, where are the children coming forward saying that they were molested by Foley? Where are the child poron photos on his computer?

    There are none! Foley is a gay man he has a steady gay lover. He is an admitted Homosexual.

    Finally the email in question was sent to an 18 year old adult so until you provide some proof that Foley is a pedophile you need to stop with the allegations.

    Now back to your closet!

  3. Andy1113:55 PM

    Al, isn't it amazing how many facts the media can leave out ot a political story? :) I have said it before and I will say it again, hypocrisy thy name is liberal! :)

  4. Hey Andy,
    Amazing isn't it! We need to keep them out of office for the good of the country!