Wednesday, October 04, 2006

The Republican Gay American

Rep Mark Foley is a Gay American. Everyone knew it. He was openly gay. So from the Democratic perspective what is the scandal?

Is it that Representative Foley is gay? Is it that Rep. Foley attempted to have relations with a Congressional page? Is it that Republicans should have known because Rep. Foley is gay he needed to be closely monitored and they did not hold him with suspicion when they discovered that he had been emailing Congressional pages?

Well let’s look at each of these questions we’ll start with the last first. It appears that it came to Republican Speaker Dennis Hastert attention about a year ago that Rep. Foley was emailing pages the Speaker told him to knock it off. Hastert thinking that, that would be enough to end it did nothing else because the emails involved showed no evidence of sexually inappropriateness.

But I get it because Rep Foley is gay the Speaker should have immediately asked for Rep. Foley’s resignation right?

Second Rep. Foley is responsible for the Congressional page program on Capitol Hill so I suppose that he has many, many contacts with the pages that come and go on Capitol Hill. But Rep. Foley is gay so Speaker Hastert and the Republicans should have made sure that Foley was never around or alone with young boy pages. At the very least everyone should have been suspicious of a gay man who wanted to be in charge of the Congressional pages right?

Third Rep. Foley is gay therefore Republicans should have known that Foley could not be trusted with any sensitive position in Congress right?

Okay I see what the scandal is now… the Republicans allowed a gay man to head a committee or program that had young boys in it and they did not suspect that the gay man might try something sexually inappropriate.

It’s going to be interesting to see what precedence main stream media and Democrats set for persecuting gay Congresspersons and those who support them. And if those gay Congresspersons act out in inappropriate gay sexual behavior it will be interest to see the standards which Liberals set for requiring that gays and their supports be stripped of power.

Well I get it now!!! Democrats believe that every one in Congress that supports a gay colleague who has committed a sexual inappropriate act should step down immediately!
Okay, let’s look around and …

Let them without sin cast the first stone!


  1. rbenton10:09 AM

    That was quite a stretch alaphiah.

  2. rbenton10:26 AM

    That was quite a stretch alaphiah.