Monday, November 20, 2006


November 1, 2005 Majority Leader Bill Frist discovered that the Democrats had declared war on the Republicans.

Accusing Republicans of ignoring questions about pre-war intelligence, Senate Minority Leader Harry Reid forced the Republican-controlled Senate into an unusual closed session today, igniting anger from GOP leaders.

Speaking to reporters in the hall outside the Senate chamber, Majority Leader Bill Frist shot back, charging the Senate "has been hijacked by the Democratic leadership."

Frist said the Democratic Party leadership did not warn him in advance of the move, which Republicans called a "political stunt."
"It means from now on, for the next year and half, I can't trust Senator Reid," the Tennessee lawmaker said.

That was merely a warning shoot that proved to be the down fall of Republican leadership in Congress. And not only for the next year and a half Mr. Frist but since the Democrats successfully took official control of both houses of Congress you and America will not be able to trust Democrats for years to come only now Democrats have the power to enforce their wishes on America.

Mr. Frist your inept leadership and Republican political ineffectiveness is the cause that Democrats were able to control Congress and the House for the last 6 years by which they now officially have taken control of the legislative bodies which they have only owned by deviant political machinations up until now.

How did the Democrats do it? The Democrats promised a new direction for America and with that promise and their plan to wrest power away from Republicans by creating a culture of dissatisfaction they now control both houses of Congress.

As a child I remember riding along in the back seat of our automobile as we traveled cross country. I could see all kinds of things, various cows either standing or laying down, all kinds of different car license plates representing the different states from which each car started its journey from and trees and plenty of scenic countryside.

I had no control of where we were going but as I remember it the trips always felt like they lasted for years and the only thing that I wanted to know is if we had arrived at our designation.

So now that Republicans are in the minority and Democrats are leading the country in a new direction I for one will be looking at the various bills and proposals that Democrats will put forth. I for one will be checking each and every liberal social cause that has now been embolden because Democrats control both houses of Congress and I will take note of the social engineering that will be attempted by Liberals because of Democrats new found power.

Democrats failed to describe were they planned to take America in clear concise language they used only the broadest of terms. I for one will have to consistently call out from the back seat and ask, “Are we there yet?” “Are we there yet?” Why? Because the left has not proven that they have the slightest idea of what they are doing and where they are going to lead America.

The only thing that the Left has proven is that they have learned how to play politics with the American Moderates and the American Libertarians with the politics of hate and complaint.

However in order to lead, America Democrats will need much more than the politics of hate and complaint. They will need love for this Country and a vision of good for the American people.

What Liberals have shown in the last 6 years of politics in America is not the ability to show love for this Country what Liberals have shown is not a vision of good for the American people.

What Liberals have shown is the willingness to do and say anything to undermine American so that Leftist views can be forced on the American people.

The same lesson that was learned by Senator Bill Frist will be the same lesson that all of America will soon learn that is Democrats can’t be trusted and as for Nancy Pelosi’s promise in which she said,
“The American people voted to restore integrity and honest in Washington, D.C. And the Democrats intend to lead the most honest, most open, and most ethical Congress in history.”
My only question is…

Are we there yet?

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