Thursday, November 09, 2006

What happened?

Republican got their hats handed to them and it’s like Republicans don’t even know what hit them.

So let’s lay this out on the table and examine this defeat.

First Democrats were impassionedly set against Conservatives. There is a lot to be said about passion. Democrats made no bones about their hate for Conservatives and it worked for them.

Second organization, Democrats were organized under Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid they kept their caucus together and they had a goal, defeat the Republicans. And it worked for them.

Speaking of the Democrats plan, Howard Dean should be credited for his 50 state plan to organize the “get out to vote effort” because of it Democrats were victorious.

Fourth Democrats were smarter than Republicans, Democrats successfully prevented President Bush and a Republican control Senate and Congress from passing any meaningful legislation while they were planning their take over of the legislative branch of government. This also worked for them.

The fifth thing that worked for Democrats where the Republicans themselves. Democrats had so decimated the Republican leadership with a campaign of smear that the rudderless Republicans were sitting ducks who could be picked off one by one. Ashcroft, Delay, Foley, Cunningham, Rumsfeld, etc…

Sixth because the Republicans were cluelessly rudderless Democrats controlled the public discourse and defined the Republicans at will. Republican became corrupt homosexual pedophiles that were brilliant political election manipulators that where as incompetent as they were dumb.

Seventh Bill Frist!
Eighth Denny Hastert !
Ninth John McCain !!
Tenth Democrats proved to be real politicians were Republicans only were posers.
Eleventh Democrats were at a consist state of war with the Republicans but Republicans weren’t at war with the Democrats. It is the same scenario that will be played out between al Qaeda and the United States if Democrats fail to realize the seriousness of the terrorist threat.

Last by not least the reason that Republicans were defeated is President Bush.

Republicans worked hard for this defeat and by George we’re going to regret every last minute of it!

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