Wednesday, February 28, 2007

We don't SAY screw you, we just do!

How Orwellian is that? The thought police down in Florida are not working on stopping the flow of illegal aliens from entering the country. No they are doing the next best thing. They're working on making it illegal for you the American citizen to refer to illegals, who illegally enter into the United States of America, as "Illegal Aliens." Now that's shades of 1984 isn't it!

For all of you who don’t want the government to tell you what to do you ought to love this one.

You heard it right, state legislator Sen. Frederica Wilson, D-Miami finds the term illegal alien offensive so she is going to ban the term, “Illegal Alien,” by law.

Now even to the most Liberal, "open-minded", hate Bush Democrat this has got to be nuts! This, Senator Wilson, is a band-aid on Melanoma.

So let me ask, is the state senator's answer to the illegal alien problem to simply not talk about it in proper terms because speaking about it truthfully would offend her personal sensibilities?

Well, do you want to know what offends my sensibilities Senator? Pretending that we still live in America when its obvious that we really live in a providence of Oceania and any time that Big Brother wishes to impose it’s Draconian will on American citizens it can and will!

It is so obvious that citizens did not send Frederica Wilson to the Florida State legislature to write laws that would cause the demise of the American Government and the American way of life, but that is exactly what she is doing with this attempt to change language without changing the actual problem which threatens American security and sovereignty.

I have a name change suggestion, why don’t we change Senator Frederica Wilson title to unemployed and why don’t we run her out of town on a rail tarred and feathered like they used to do when citizens esteemed America.

Either that or we just wait around for one of these not to bright legislators to figure out how to make it illegal to call ourselves Americans for fear that it might offend Europe and the third world.

Jeez is it still legal to fly a U.S. flag…

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