Wednesday, March 21, 2007


Democrat front runners are now accusing one another of being fascists. In two cleaverly edited t.v. ads that Apple Computer made to introduce the MacIntosh, Senator Clinton supporters and Senator Obama supporters have used the images of Big Brother via George Orwell’s classic 1984 to suggest that the other is a fascist.

Classic! I've been trying to warning you of the impeding Democratic Liberal Neo-Fascist movement one in which Democrats when in office will began to legislate Dracoian totalitarian laws all meant to transform America into the blithe that Europe has become.

Now thanks to Al Gore's invention, the Internet, we can all imagine what it would be like to have Big Sister Clinton and Big Brother Obama droning to the masses of zombie like Democrat followers in the made for Internet clips of Hillary and Barak, 1984.

Some creative geniuses have put the MacIntosh to the task of showing you life with a Democratic President either Hillary or Obama. Let me add that it doesn’t matter who the Democrats offer up as their presidential candidate because it is the party that has been coopted by the fringe radical Liberal neo-fascists who intend to force a neo-progressive agenda of government control of thought, speech and human action on Americans.

One of these video clips shows Senator Clinton ever the pabulum-spewing neo-fascist and the other shows Senator Obama as a silly cap wearing light-weight neo-fascist whose only appeal is that he is a Democrat. The makers of these clips have invoked the word fascist upon one another though the magic of video editing without even mentioning the word. Thereby defining the Democrat party, their own party, as Fascists!

To which I agree. In the Democratic party there is plenty of fascism to go around no matter who the front runner is.

It is indeed nice that Democrats notice their own trending toward fascism! Maybe they can prevent the other Democrat drones from electing either one of these fascist Dictators to power. Maybe they will rid their party of the, George Soros fascist elements that will be the ruination of our Country.

Here’s hoping!

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