Thursday, March 22, 2007

Democratic Operative Outed

Senator Hillary Clinton

A Democratic operative who worked for a digital consulting firm with ties to rival Sen. Barrack Osama was involved in what is perhaps the most brilliant political statement in any campaign to date.

Philip de Vellis, a strategist with Blue State Digital, acknowledged in an interview with The Associated Press that he was the creator of the video, which portrayed Senator Hillary Clinton as a Big Brother figure and urged support for Obama’s presidential campaign.

Senator Obama’s campaign maintains that they had nothing to do with the video was attacked themselves by a copy cat version of the video featuring Senator Obama as a Big Brother figure. It ends with Obama donning a Chicago Bears cap while humming the Monday Night Football theme.

The original ad portrayed Clinton on a huge television screen droning to Democratic Zombies in a stark, futuristic hall. A female athlete tosses a hammer at the screen, destroying Clinton's image with an explosive flash. Then this text: "On January 14th the Democratic primary will begin. And you will see why 2008 isn't going to be like '1984.'"

While it is yet to be learned who in the Clinton camp is responsible for the Obama video there seems not to be the same interest to discover the author of the copy cat version.

Mr. de Vellis resigned his job on Wednesday with Blue State Digital, and I wouldn’t put it pass the Clintons to pick him up on their Campaign.

After all he does specialize in their kind of propaganda. And you have to admit it was brilliant and groundbreaking work!

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