Thursday, March 22, 2007

Democrats Reintroduce Legislation Meant to Deny Constitutional Speech

U.S. Congressman John Conyers

In France they have hate speech laws. In America Democrat Rep. John Conyers (D-Mich.) has reintroduced hate speech legislation now that Democrats have been unleashed and control the agenda in the Congress.

You remember the Muhammad Cartoon riots? PHILIPPE VAL, editor of Charlie Hebdo a France newspaper published those cartoons and because of Frances hate speech law Val faces imprisonment for six months and a fine of thousands of euros if he is found guilty of hate speech violations against Muslims.

You might be wondering what about freedom of the press, or what about freedom of speech. Wrong country those freedoms are particular to America or at least they are for now. You see if the Democrats and John Conyers backed by homosexual activist have their way anyone who says anything outside of the politically correct accepted views regarding homosexuality will face court sanctions resulting in jail time and fines just like Philippe Val faces today.

What did you think the Ann Coulter row was all about? It was about controlling the free expression of words and ideas. If Ms. Coulter can be silenced or made to restrict her choice of words to appease influential government lobbying groups as homosexual activists no one will be safe from these oppressive word and thought police who disguise their Draconian legislation as if it were some sort of helpful anti-hate speech policy.

Democrats intend to control speech, thought and behavior by their effort to place the John Conyers backed bill into law in the United States similar to the way that speech is controlled in Europe.

Of course the homosexual lobby will trot out all of the false arguments. Ones like this law is needed to prevent hate crime against homosexuals, hate speech results in violence against homosexuals and they will attempt to argue that there is an unrelenting and under-addressed problem of violent hate crimes committed against homosexuals none of this is true, however the only way to persuade the public and manipulate public opinion is to create images of hateful violence against homosexuals where there is none.

That way no matter how Draconian or how unconstitutional the law that Representative Conyers and the homosexual lobby proposes people will allow it because they have been deceived into believing that allowing Democrats to strip away constitutional rights of freedom of speech is somehow justified because of falsified threats of violence against homosexuals.

One thing that is for certain whether in Europe or America socialist Liberals in power will always use the law to oppress people.

Philippe Val will learn his fate today. He printed cartoons that depicted violence being perpetrated in the name of Islam. Those who practice political correctness in France are persecuting Mr. Val a journalist that was doing his job of freely publishing the truth. In a complete miscarriage of justice Mr. Val is being labeled a criminal that engaged in acts of hate speech.

If Representative John Conyers, the Democrat party, left-wing Liberals and homosexual activist have their way anyone who disagrees with them about homosexuality will be like Philippe Val, on trial for hate speech in America. A country, ironically, that does have constitutional guarantees of freedom of press and freedom of speech.

Just think we’ll finally be like Europe, something to look forward to right?

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