Friday, March 23, 2007

When Qualifications Don't Matter

Senator Hillary Clinton

It’s obvious, when you’re a Democrat! And when you are a Woman!

“Reporting for duty!” Was presidential hopeful senator John Kerry's opening remarks to the 2004 Democratic National Convention.

Kerry's hope was to parlay his war home movies, shot on location, and medals received in Vietnam (but later thrown over the fence or put though the fence...)into a successful Presidential bid.

America needed someone with Commander-in-Chief experience in this time of war and John Kerry who made himself over in the image of John Fitsgerald Kennedy thought that it should be him.

President George W. Bush on the other hand was vilified for his service in the National Guard. He has been called everything from a deserter to a chickenhawk his distracters feel that since the President did not actually serve in a battle theatre he doesn't have the moral authority to send U.S. Troops into war.

So the war about the war was clearly who has the credentials to lead America and command our troop in war.

If these arguments were so significant and are so significant today then why does Democratic front runner Senator Hillary Clinton receive a free pass on the crucial question of whether she is qualified to lead America in a time of war? Come on Democrats you know that ain't fair everyone has to be treated equally!

John Kerry paraded around his war veteran qualifications, George Bush was excoriated for his qualifications, but if there is a Democratic Nominee for the President of the United States and that nominee is Senator Hillary Clinton are we simply supposed to forget that for eight years we argued about who was qualified and who was not?

Is Senator Clinton campaign based on political affirmative action? She doesn't have to be qualified she only has to be a woman? The first woman to possibly be elected President so nothing else matters?

Will no one in the media even raise the question of her apparent lack of qualifications? I'm sorry but if for eight long years Democrats ridiculed Republicans for George W. Bush's military experience I don't see how these same Democrats who were so concerned that a qualified individual lead America can consciously back a candidate who obviously is not qualified. What would that campaign slogan look like, “Hell she ain't qualified but at least she is a Woman!”

I guess the Democrats weren't kidding when they said that they'd elect anybody but Bush, that anybody qualified or not, that anybody is named Hillary!

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