Saturday, March 10, 2007

The Fascistly Confused World of Robert Wright

“The day should come when people don’t pronounce this word” Robert Wright, in reference to controlling thought and speech by limiting people’s choice of expression. Regarding Ann Coulter’s use of the word faggot.

I could call Robert Wright an Evil Punk Sissy but I won’t because I’m better than that.

But if I did I know that he wouldn’t mind because he uses those kind of pejoratives all of the time. Wright refers to Ann Coulter as an Evil Witch

Now speaking of persecuted groups Witches have been slain, burned at the stake and drown down through the centuries just because they were witches so how dare Robert Wright pick on the Witches. Does Wright think that civil rights or gay rights are any more important than Wicca rights?

I demand that everyone immediately denounce Robert Wright for hate speech which enables the continued discrimination against witches. Wright should be stigmatized and ostracized for such hate speech.

Because of him young teenage witches will now all be beat up at school and they will be forced to comment suicide because of Robert Wright’s hateful characterization of witches as being something evil. Something Ann Coulter like!

Furthermore, to relate witches to evil is way beyond the pale! If anyone would call gays evil Wright would have a baby! (or maybe abort a baby) Wright must apologize for this outrageous statement or we should boycott any company that he works for.

Wicca rights will suffer if people don’t realize that Witches like Blacks deserve the same rights as everyone else.

Why would Robert Wright even think that he is the arbiter of First amendment freedom of speech? He is just as bad as those who he attacks. But I will say this; Wright does have a specific agenda. That agenda is to control people by stigmatization and ostracization that is his stated goal. He stated was much in his debate with Mickey Kaus.

To be sure Wright’s attacks against Ann Coulter are carefully constructed tactics of the homosexual agenda which are meant to neutralize anyone who opposes what the supporters of homosexuality believe.

If one is debating or talking about anyone who opposes homosexuality on the bases of religion or ideology one would simply neutralize and marginalize that person by falsely characterize them as racist or homophobic or bigoted, or religiously stupid but you never, never debate them on the issues. This has been a long standing tactic of the homosexual agenda.

What Robert Wright wishes to do is draw false parallels between Homosexuality and the Black experience of subjugation, oppression and dehumanization in America. Only the very ignorant can do this and Wright is well up to the task. Where in the gay experience in America did gays go through slavery?

I’m not being recklessly careless in my assessment of Wright. Wright has shown himself as a single-minded fascist who is determined to force his world view on America thereby forcing everyone to speak and think as he would have you too.

Words like raghead, nigger and faggot would be banned in Robert Wright’s world only to be alluded to as the r-word, the n-word or the f-word. (I thought we already had an F-word) But Wright feels perfectly free to hatefully call Ann Coulter an evil witch?

By Robert Wright’s morality all things are determined by him. He determines what the slurs are, he determines what hate is, and he determines by a bindery quality who can and who can not have access to the society. That’s Fascism!

According to Wright all pejorative words are equal. But if he meant that why would he use prerogatives when he refers to his perceived enemies? So not only is Wright a hypocrite he’s not very intelligent. As an example a British Fag is not equal to an American Fag but in Wright’s assault against the freedom of speech he would ban them both.

Wright argument is that you are either with him and his views or against him. And where have we heard that argument before? You ridiculed it then and you should do the same now that Robert Wright speaks it.

In essence Wright’s views are like Senator John McCarthy only Wright is less intelligent in the way that he presents his desire to label people just as McCarthy would have labeled people communist, Wright would label them as racist, bigots, homophobes, and haters. But his desire is the same as Senator McCarthy’s, Wright intents to socially and economically blacklist anyone who he deems is evil.

Robert Wright is a classic example of a Liberal Neo-Fascist that wishes to subjugate Americans to his prejudices as he loftily talks about ideas of eliminating hate speech and concepts of equality for all.

The only worrisome thing is Wright feels perfectly comfortable using Abu Ghraib like tactics to bring about the world of love and equality that he envisions. A world in which we will be less free not more free!

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