Monday, March 12, 2007

If You Didn’t Come to Fight You Might as well Resign!

"And so this department has been so political that I think for the sake of the nation, Attorney General Gonzales should step down," == Charles Schumer

When there is a change of leadership in the animal kingdom all of the threats to the new leadership are eliminated. Lions are notorious for this behavior.

January 20, 1993 Bill Clinton was sworn in as 42 President of the United States. February 11 of that same year President Clinton nominates Miami prosecutor Janet Reno for the post of Attorney General and on March 23 1993, something was done that was never done in the history of America.

At Attorney General Reno’s first news conference she announces the firing of 93 federal prosecutors, that’s all U.S. Attorneys in the nation. Reason? The administration wanted to eliminate any threat to its leadership. The official reason stated by AG Reno was the administration wanted to put in its own people. Clinton wanted Attorney Generals who were loyal to him and his administration.

So is the law of the jungle so is the law in politics.

Democrats have found a measure of success in chipping away that the Bush administration; they couldn’t get the President in two electoral attempts so they are doing the next best thing which is pulling away at those who support the president. That is what behind this partisan Democrat call for Attorney General Alberto Gonzales to step down.

They’ve been relatively successful at it too, they managed to sack John Ashcroft, split away Colin Powell, remove Tom Delay, neutralize Karl Rove, demonize Dick Cheney and now they are howling for Attorney General Alberto Gonzales’ to resign.

This is a ploy, a roost that weak kneed Republicans just haven’t seemed to figure out.

These days Republicans stand around watching as the Democrats in Nazi like fashion come for their colleagues and these liverless Republicans say nothing. They do not consider the fact that when the Democrats finish going after their colleagues then Democrats will turn and come for them. You didn’t get the message of the 2006 elections Republicans? When Democrats come for you there will be no one left to fight for your sorry excuse of a political hide.

Charles Schumer, D-N.Y., said Attorney General Gonzales repeatedly has shown more allegiance to President Bush than to citizens' legal rights since taking his job in early 2005.

What a laugh! What a spectacular partisan statement in light of history. President Clinton in an unprecedented move fires 93 United States Attorneys to sure up loyalty to his administration and Janet Reno the ultimate Clinton boot licker watches the FBI burn down a compound in Waco Texas killing David Korech and his followers, children among them and not one investigation into why and how it happened, yet Schumer continues the plan yes he continues the meme. Resign!

The plan is make the White house, a humpty dumpty White house, one that will have a great fall for lack of key support around President Bush.

President Bush you didn’t learn anything from the Clinton presidency did you? You tried to work with holdouts from his administration only to be sabotaged every step of the way. You were sabotaged by Senior Advisors and Clinton holdover, Richard Clark, you where even sabotage by the CIA’s Mary McCarthy, a senior analyst just to name two.

When you finally fired a few U.S. Attorneys because they would not carry out your administration’s goals you waited until Democrats could turn the firings into political hay. That sir was not smart!

What you should have done from the outset is fire everyone who was connected with Bill Clinton. Oh it’s too late for you but here’s hope that perhaps another Republican administration will not be so trustingly naïve.

Resign, resign, resign…If someone doesn’t get a grip in the Republican Party quick, I think that resigning might not be a bad idea for all!

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