Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Russia Controls Iran's Nuclear Future

Now we know why the little mad puppet Mahmoud Ahmadinejad can wag his little scrawny finger in the face of the world and threaten nuclear holocaust against everyone, Russia has been the hand in the back of this little mannequin. Russia is building Iran’s nuclear reactor.

Just think this whole threat to world peace could be resolved if Russia would stop helping Iran build it’s nuclear threat.

Ironically, Russia has stopped for the moment but why? Because Russia values world peace? Is it because Russia is a good and noble Country?

No Russia who is the enabler for the Iranian President has stopped temporarily building because they didn’t get paid.

That’s right is all about the benjamins, all it took was for Iran not to show Russia the money and look mah, no Iranian Nuclear reactor.

This convoluted scenario is interesting because Russia is on the U.N. Security Council the same one that is negotiating or rather pleading with Iran to halt its nuclear ambitions and Russia openly supports Iran in the United Nations but if that wasn’t conflict of interest enough Russia is building the very nuclear reactor that the U.N. Security Council is supposed to be voting whether to sanction Iran for.

Such is what the United States has to put up with. The whole world has gone mad and they in turn blame the United States for their own insanity.

All of this clamor for war would be over tomorrow if Russia would tell Ahmadinejad, “We are not going to continue to build a nuclear reactor for you with which to threaten the world.” Russia does that and it’s over! No more hate and death to America, No more Islamic jihad, no more little bearded puppet acting as if he is in control of the strings.

No more I smell sulphur; I smell sulphur because without the threat of Iran Venezuela President Hugo Chavez suddenly loses his sense of smell.

The world should be putting tremendous pressure on Russia to discontinue building nuclear facilities in Iran. If Russia stopped building Iran’s nuclear reactor that act alone would bring peace and stability back to the Middle East.

Frankly it’s time for Russia, China, France, and Germany to stop exploiting the situation in the Middle East which is their indirect sideswipe at America.

If Middle Eastern terrorist are successful and America is defeated when America is gone none of them, Russia, China, France or Germany are as strong as America and a terrorist turn against them would not take long to defeat them too!

These countries are playing a dangerous game of one-upmanship against the U.S., a game which results will not benefit them as they intend if the U.S. is defeated by terrorism.

Russia must be convinced to stop aiding and abetting terrorist Iran, whether their motive is to make money or to indirectly come against the U.S. in revenge, for their cold war defeat, somehow Russia has to be convinced that their actions make the world less safe for everyone.

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