Sunday, April 22, 2007

Adiós Alberto No Deja la Puerta Golpearle…

Senate Judiciary Committee in the 109th Congress, including incoming chairman Senator Patrick Leahy (D-Vermont). (photo credit — Newsday)

“I went to a fight and a hockey game broke out!”—Rodney Dangerfield

Attorney General Alberto Gonzales went up to Capitol Hill to save his job but much to his surprise he found out that he was front and center at an impeach Bush by proxy hearing and he was the surrogate of the moment.

Liberals and Democrats riled that they could not defeat George W. Bush in 2000 and 2004 by lying on him and attempting to steal both elections have reverted to a more subtle strategic of kicking the legs from under the Bush administration by bush whacking the President’s lieutenants and thereby isolating him for the remaining less than two years of his term.

AG Gonzales totally unprepared for this ambush, thought that if he when before the Democrats and recognize his faults and apologize (a Democrat formula) that he would receive mercy and be thrown back for bigger fish. But as fate would have it Gonzales is the biggest fish that Democrats have netted thus far.

Oh not for lack of trying, Democrats attempted to net President Bush with, “He lied us into war” for the 2004 elections but failed. And then they used the “Who outed Valerie Plame” scenario to badger the President, Vice President and White house adviser Karl Rove for two whole years but alas that didn’t work either.

Dems have been more successful with relatively political big fish like John Ashcroft, Tom Delay, Mark Foley and of course the Jack Abramoff incident has helped net relatively political small fries Rep. John Doolittle (R., Calif.) and Sen. Conrad Burns (R., Mont.), Rep. Randy Cunningham (R-CA) and Rep. Bob Ney (R-OH).

However Gonzales is the closest strike at the heart of the Bush administration a hit here would mean that the President is at the Democrats mercy to confirm another Attorney General now that the Democrats control Congress, and we all know that Democrats are not feeling very merciful toward Republicans these days.

Republicans on the other hand are showing all the political savvy of a first time elected city council member who run on a bet made with friends and as chance would have it won.

Since the 2004 Presidential elections Republicans have been out politicized by their rivals. They make rank amateurs look like consummate professionals which brings me back to AG Gonzales who apparently thought that if he when up to Capital Hill acknowledged his wrong-doing that Democrats would treat him as a fellow politician spank his hand and let him go, what he didn’t realize was that Democrats are not interested in supporting the Bush administration they are only interested in the contrary its deconstruction.

What in the eight years of President Bush’s administration would make anyone believe that any Republican before a Democrat controlled hearing wouldn’t come out with his ears pinned back?

Come on does anyone really believe that Democrats care whether AG Gonzales hurt the Bush administration’s credibility? Hell Democrats have been trying to do that for going on eight years! In fact that is what these hearings are designed to do, hurt the Bush administration. That’s the real reason Democrats are holding them nothing else.

Are you listening Karl Rove? Señor Gonzales this was not a hearing to allow you to justify your actions whatever motivated them. This hearing was only to show you the door. The door to your exit and vicariously the whole Bush administration.

To which Democrats will say…”Vaya con el dios”

But actually they don’t really care how you go just as long as you are gone. And I’m sure that they wouldn’t mind if you take the President with you!

Gonzales should not resign nor should be fired but Republicans are not like Democrats whose money freezer storing,Abramoff moneyed,conflict of interest dealings and lying are business as usual for Democrats. Unfortunately Gonzales will leave office.

To which democrats will say…”Vaya con el dios”

But actually they don’t really care how you go just as long as you are gone. And I’m sure that they wouldn’t mind if you take the President with you!

Adiós Alberto no deja la puerta golpearle…

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