Friday, April 20, 2007

The Jerry Seinfeld Democratic Senate Hearings

That’s right they’re hearings about nothing! Oh I take that back, they’re actually hearings about striping the Bush administration of all support making the President a weak isolated powerless lame duck because Democrats couldn’t defeat him in two Presidential elections so now the sweetest revenge is to hold asinine hearings on totally peripheral matters in order to lash out at the Bush administration for his remaining two years in office.

Attorney General Alberto Gonzales in his appearance before the Senate Judiciary Committee is being grilled for statements he make in a press conference last month, during which Gonzales said he was not involved in discussions over the firing of eight U.S. attorneys.

Gonzales has subsequently recanted his remarks but here is the bottom line.

Even if Gonzales fired all eight attorneys he did nothing wrong! Hillary Clinton has so much as said that she would do the same thing if she were elected president. Second Gonzales made his statement in a press conference not as sworn testimony.

Was Gonzales’ original statement wrong? Yes Gonzales like all jelly kneed Republicans got scared when Democrats started ranting about the “injustice of it all” even though Democratic President Bill Clinton set the precedence by firing all 93 of the U.S. Attorneys, instead of Gonzales standing up like a man and saying yes I fired them and there may be more following, he attempt to hide his involvement thereby producing the inquisitionist senate hearings that Democrats are holding today.

To be clear there was no violation of law committed by anyone Alberto Gonzales included but because Democrats now have the power to make legal acts appear illegal by the use of senate hearings no Republican is safe in Washington D.C. No doubt these are sham hearings and travesties of justice.

For Republicans who have joined with Democrats to persecute Gonzales let me remind you of the mid-term elections of 2006 when many of your more Liberal colleagues was defeat by Democrats. Does Lincoln Chafee ring a bell? In other words your consorting with the Democrats will not save you.

Gonzales is been persecuted for public statements that he made any Democrat would be run out of Washington if Republicans could hold hearings on Democratic public statements.

These hearings are not so much about Alberto Gonzales; these hearings are about the abuse of senatorial power and the deconstruction of the Bush administration other than that these hearings are about NOTHING!


  1. Anonymous11:39 AM

    I'm sort of unsure about this blog and the story. Is this satire? The title ,Creating Orwellian, etc., leads me to believe that it is. Also, the absurdity of the comments. I remember that Jonathan Swift wrote "A Modest Proposal" in which he suggested the Irish Famine could be solved by having the Irish sell their children to be eaten. Readers took him seriously and there was an outcry against him. I am always cautious when I encounter something that flies in the face of reality, that someone might be putting me on.

  2. Think about it, a voice crying out from anonymity wondering if someone is putting them on.

    I does seem to me that your grip on reality is not as tight as you might think, IF YOU HAVE TO ASK!!!