Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Best News Ever............!

MSNBC notes that Cindy Sheehan, the mother
of a fallen soldier, has given up her position
as "dupe for the left".

I’m sincerely sorry Ms Sheehan, over the loss
of your son. My sympathies were with you,
until you blamed the president personally for
your misfortune. You should have put the
blame where it really belonged.

Since you have been promoted all along, as
the person who "galvanized the anti-war
movement"........... can we now rest assured
that they movement will collapse? I truly
hope so, for the benefit of the country.

Now that you are departing the scene, and
going home to "try to be normal", I wonder
if you will reflect on how the far left used
your grief and pain, to further their own end.
Did you ever consider the countless parents
that your ridiculous actions hurt? Yours
was not the first tragedy of the war, and does
not appear to have been the last. Many have
died, and possibly many more will. It
needent be in Iraq. It might be right here in
the United States on some calm Sunday
morning. It has happened before, and unless
we keep a strong president in the White
House, it will happen again.

The Democrats have no intention of
fighting terrorism,either abroad or at home.
The party that you have chosen to align
yourself with, was once a noble one. But
the years have stripped away any shred of
decency for which they once stood. Now
it is run by liars and vengful losers, who
have the new opportunity to seek reprisals
against those who have done right for the

They have made totally false accusations
against the opposing party, and the President,
in the hopes that some of them will stick.
With the help of the MSM, they have distorted
the news and have even tried to reverse the
legitimate win of President Bush in 2000.

Now that they have wormed their way into
the controlling position in Congress, they are
eying the Presidency. How many more lies
will they have to tell to make that happen.
And more importantly, will they be able to
continue duping the voters into thinking that
they are really going to change things. You
can already count, on both your fingers and
your toes, the complete reversals of
statements and promises made by Reid and
Pelosi, prior to the election.

Your intentions might have been honest at
the time of your grief, but they totally changed
your message and you. I hope that the next
time you decide to fight for a cause, that you
do it in a more reasonable and respectful
fashion. If you can’t, and "rather live under
Hugo Chavez rather than George W. Bush",
I remind you that we have no limits on
emigration. You are free to leave!



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