Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Obama’s Health Insurance Pie in the Sky!

It all sounds great, if not a bit "fuzzy". While
claiming specifics, Obama’s plan is as unclear
as Hillary’s and Edward’s ‘04 plans were.

He calls for "government, business and
consumers" to share the cost. Very
enlightening, but he fails to show the proposed
breakdowns in proportion. We all know what
his "proportional breakdowns" will be, when
they are finally exposed.

Government will be the prime supplier of the
funds to float this vote-getting show. Next in
line will be business - both large and small -
that will get huge tax increases (already
threatened by the Democratic Congress),
further choking it’s ability to be competitive
against foreign competition. We also know
that the liberals plan to kill the Bush tax cuts
for the "wealthiest Americans"...... but their
idea of wealthy is anybody making more than
$50,000 per year.

Meanwhile, he backs unlimited alien access to
the country, which will totally bankrupt not
just the health system, but the country as a

"The plan", is supposed to be saving the
average consumer $2,500 per year. But
by the time you factor in the huge increase
in the national debt, the bankrupting of
Medicare AND Medicaid, and the voiding
of the Bush tax cuts "for the wealthiest among
us" we will find ourselves back in the Clinton
hay-days of high taxation and stifled business
and job markets.

Forget about that $2,500 "saving". Only one
gaining anything on this, would be Obama, at
the voting booth...... if he can find enough fools
who would vote for him.

Looking closer at his plan, which the AP seems
to have full access to (what else?).......... it stacks
up like this:

He’s going to retain the private insurance system,
BUT inject additional funds into it (from where I
might inquire?). He’s going to create a National
Health Insurance Exchange to monitor insurance
companies offering the coverage creating yet
another governmental bureaucracy to increase
governmental payrolls and further exacerbate an
already financially bankrupt system. (Where is
the ACLU on this one? What about the privacy
issue, for which they are always making
accusations against President Bush?)

Those "unable to afford coverage", will get a
subsidy on a sliding scale.....from whom, do you
ask?......................guess! It will come from
yours and my pockets............. further increasing
our own costs, in order to pad Obama’s chance
at the ballot box.

Once a plan such as his is put into place, there
will be escalating costs on a daily basis.
Every family making less than $30,000 per
year will be entitled to "some kind" of benefits.
Every alien arriving here legally will get
immediate benefits. Every illegal alien, together
with extended family will be on the dole. I mean,
that is the "Democratic way of life", isn’t it?
Buy as many votes as possible, with promises that
will continue to cost us over and over again. Never
mind that every citizen born and raised here, and
having worked hard all their lives, will be picking
up the tab.

No thanks Barack............ not good enough!

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