Wednesday, May 02, 2007

Citizens of Mexico Demand Rights in America

Here is some straight talk about the citizens of Mexico, who invaded American streets across this nation yesterday, on the one year anniversary marking the first showing of foreign anarchy in the streets of America. Mexican citizens demanded American rights and American privileges based on the rule of finders keepers. You know finders keepers, is the fact that Mexicans believe that because they managed to enter into this country illegally there is nothing that anyone should do about it. Mexicans have found a good thing and they’re determined to keep it!

What is now being called Comprehensive Immigration Reform is not that at all. What it is is changing America’s laws so that Global Capitalist can use Mexican citizens as cannon fodder for cheap labor right here in America.

This is the grand design of these Capitalist whose efforts are froth with greed for record profits. Their plan is to cut the cost of exporting jobs out of the United States by bringing (attracting) cheap labor into the U.S. a kind of bringing a mountain of people to a capitalist Mohammad.

It is much cheaper for Capitalist to attract cheap Mexican labor to America than to pull up stakes and rebuild in a foreign country that is economically and politically unstable. After all the safe dollars are here in America not in Mexico.

You probably thought that none of the discussions about illegal Mexican labor made any sense. How could Mexican foreign nationals think that they are entitled to rights in America? How could their American supporters think the same thing?

Yet it makes sense in light of fact that the American Government is aiding and abetting the felonious criminal enterprise of smuggling human cargo into America by willingly allowing the laws that govern entering this country to be broken. It is reported that the Government has prevented its own border patrol officers from carrying out the duties of protecting the border from this foreign invasion.

Comprehensive Immigration Reform will give the Government and Global Capitalist legal standing and the cover that they need. It’s becoming quite uncomfortable for them to continue to blatantly breaking their own Immigration laws so a comprehensive change of laws will do much to bring the appearance of legality to the 21st century slave trade that is the government’s Comprehensive Immigration Reform.

Incredibility Mexicans are perfectly willing to be bought and sold by coyotes and steal across the border via “el ferrocarril subterráneo.”

A life of slavishly low wages in America is 100 times better than a life in the failed corrupt country of their origin. Make no mistake the average Mexican that is spirited across the border is after one thing only. Money!

Citizenship for them or their children is but a ticket, a pass to come and go as they please they don’t really care about the health of the institutions of this country they are here to get paid. If worst came to worst and disaster were to befall America they’d be back in Mexico, the country of their allegiance before the smoke cleared.

Mexican citizens are not adopting America as their own, for example many are not even interested in learning our language and customs. Mexicans are using America, Capitalist are using Mexicans and the American people are being straight played as the masters of the commanding heights stratifies the American economic classes into two distinct and separate groups, upper class and lower class.

If twenty years ago someone would have prophesized that one day foreign nationals would be marching in the streets of America demanding the rights of American citizens while still holding allegiance to their country of origin you would have said, Yeah right when hell freezes over.

Well scientist have recently discovered that Global warming is attributable to climate change in hell and because of the severe freezing taking place there it is now hotter on the outside of the planet.

You believe that? Well if you can believe that citizens of Mexico deserve rights in America simply because they have managed to break and elude the laws regarding this nation’s sovereignty you just might believe that hell just froze over too!

At least they put away most of those ratty Mexican flags this year… now maybe they’ll learn the language.

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