Thursday, May 03, 2007

Republicans are Not Ready to Make Nice Compromise

Compromise used to mean that half a loaf was better than no bread. Among modern statesmen it really seems to mean that half a loaf; is better than a whole loaf. --Gilbert Keith Chesterton (1874-1936) British journalist, novelist and poet.

Compromise makes a good umbrella, but a poor roof; it is temporary expedient, often wise in party politics, almost sure to be unwise; in statesmanship. --James Russell Lowell (1819-1891) American poet, critic and editor.

Interestingly the latest advice to Republicans coming from Liberals is in order to win elections you must compromise your values. That is the gist of the Daniel Finkelstein Times online piece. That is exactly what Liberals would want Conservatives to do which is also one of the crucial differences between the two political philosophies.

Liberals believe that Conservatives should compromise Conservative values in order to win elections because those values are wrong, unyielding and inflexible. Though Liberals would never compromise their, written in stone, core issues Roe, Homosexuality or the War.

Yet there is a Liberal belief that Republicans must compromise conservative values before Republicans will appeal to the independent voters that Liberals managed to peel away from Conservatives in the 2006 mid-term elections. Wait a minute don’t panic just yet!

That idea is completely at odds with Conservative ideology. If Conservativism is the adherence to the traditional and to the status quo, then to change or compromise would be… would make Conservatives no better than Liberals who believe that any compromise is worthy if the desired goal or goals are achieved.

Liberals did many things to Compromise their own ideologies in the 2006 elections. They run Democrat “Conservative” war veteran candidates against Republican incumbents. These so-called Democrat “Conservatives” promised to support the war if elected however after being elected into office they proved that it was all a lie. They actually supported Pelosi’s and Reid’s farce of a war funding bill which declares legislatively as Senator Harry Reid announced to al Qaeda and the world, “The war is lost!” That is the real meaning behind the pull out dates attached to the bill that was sent to the President by partisan Democrats. “The war is lost.”

The President immediately dispatched the “cut and run” bill with a veto. Democrats argue that it wasn’t cut and run it was actually cut and walk because of the dates requiring a slow pull down of troops. One thing one has to admit and that is Democrats do have a sense of humor, playing around with American troops funding, now that’s just hilarious.

I bet the troops think it’s down right slap stick the way President Nancy Pelosi and Vice President Harry Reid of the Blue states of America are sticking it to President Bush of the United States of America, after all that’s what the people wanted when they elected Democratic control of Congress right?

It ought to be a real laugh riot when Democratic playing around with troop funding results in lack of supplies and or armament for our fighting personnel on the front line in Iraq.

Conservatives must disregard Liberal’s attempts to call for change in Conservative ideology. If this advice was any good Liberal’s would have changed after their two major defeats in the 2000 and 2004 elections. The fact of the matter is they only changed strategy but they did not forsake any Liberal core ideology.

As for changing Conservative tactics and strategies try these:

Never let your opponent define the language and the terms of the debate.

Let no spurious charge go unanswered you never know what weak minded independent is listening

Remember politics is war

Come to fight and keep fighting because they are

Democrats are not your friends, countrymen or colleagues (well maybe they are your countrymen but just barely)

Just because a Democrat says that a Republican should step down from office doesn’t necessarily mean that he or she should

Democrats invented the politics of hate; don’t let anyone tell you otherwise

Any Republican voting along with Democrats is not a Republican

Co-operate with Democrats just like they co-operate with Republicans

Don’t worry about the moral high ground unless you can get a clear shot from there

Democrats will always view kindness as weakness

Being called a liar by a Democrat is like being called a liar by the Clintons

Don’t try to be “better” than they are, answer each and every slander, insult and mischaracterizing with an equal and forceful slander, insult and mischaracterization of the Democrat and or his or her position

And never ever take advice from a Liberal on what Republicans need to do to win anything!

It wasn’t to long ago that Democrats and Liberals where wringing their hands wonder what they were going to do to gain power. The fact that they accomplished their goal in eight years without following any advice from Republicans is an indication that political trends are circular and that political fortune is serendipitous.

Voters have been mislead by the Democrat party over the last eight years and the only change needed is change to the hearts and minds of an electorate that has been duped by the politics of personal destruction and the politics of hate.

Voters simply need to be educated as to why their interests are best served by people who care for traditional values and keeping America safe and strong.

To panic now and jettison Conservative values just to garner a few votes will have long term effects and political office would make Conservatives no better than Democrats who have show themselves to be nothing more than political nappy headed hos who are willing to sell themselves out for votes and who manipulates circumstances and people for political gain.

It’s much too early to make nice and as Conservatives, it’s never time to compromise what we believe. It’s time to wake-up the hearts and minds of those who have been deceived by the racial far left.

Only with God’s help can we do it!

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