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Majority Leader Harry Reid and Speaker Nancy Pelosi

"I'm credible because I read the intelligence," Bush said when a reporter asked if his warning in a Wednesday speech at the US Coast Guard Academy, based on two-year old intelligence, could be trusted.-- Michael Roston,theRawStory

As you know America is at war. But I’m not talking about the Iraq war no I’m talking about the war which many Americans think less important yet this war is much more insidiously devastating to America. This war has ripped the concept of truth right out of the soul of this nation and will be the death of this country if allowed to continue. This war is the war on credibility.

We now live in a nation where we assume that no one is credible. Like Dr. Gregory House on the Fox TV show, House, MD Americans believes that everyone is lying to us unless of course they are of our own partisan persuasion.

That brings me to the incident which crystallized this point in my thinking. On May 24, 2007 a reporter questioned President Bush, after statements the President made before a graduating class of the Coast Guard Academy, it was quite apparent that implied in that reporters question were eight years of, “Bush lied and people died!”

The reporter unflinchingly asked the President could his statements regarding Iraq be trusted based on two-year old intelligence.

Can the President of the United States be trusted? After all that is the question that rival partisans have spent Bush’s whole Presidency trying to raise now isn’t it? President Bush’s opponents have gone to immeasurable lengths to discredit him every step of the way. This President’s integrity has been impugned worst than any other President in American history.

In 2000 his distracters falsely accused him of stealing the Presidential elections not even an independent investigation several months after the election which proves that President Bush won the 2000 election is enough to change the minds of partisans who hate conservatives.

President Bush was accused of lying about WMDs and leading the Country into war under false pretenses and again not even the independent organization fact and other sources that show the President didn’t lie is enough for partisans who are determined to destroy this President’s credibility.

From the “Dan Rather” media, rival partisans and party traitors on Capital Hill to former politically tainted Presidents and Vice Presidents of the opposing party, President George W. Bush has been unfairly maligned, politically brow beaten, and slandered in overtly callus and hateful attempts to remove any shred of credibility that this President and his party might have with the American people.

Rival partisans have used the politics of personal destruction, invented by Democrats, against President Bush and his party to convince the American people that the eight years of lies from the previous administration was no fluke Democrat political conspirers wanted to convince America that everybody lies even Bush who said that Jesus Christ was his greatest political influence, yes especially George W. Bush and the plan worked!

In fact the plan is working still! Working so well that a young reporter in 2007 can stand up before America and the world and question the President’s veracity because he or she assumes that nothing that this President says can be trusted. After all “Bush lied.” Eleanor Clift, political pundit, like most Liberal Democrats, devotes herself to the premise that the President is a liar. Even Fox News’ credibility has been called into question by Democrats anyone or anything that doesn’t fly the Democrat banner unquestionably is a liar.

It all started with former Vice President Al Gore’s decision to withdraw his concession after losing the 2000 elections to then Governor and President elect George W. Bush opting instead to take America on the most divisive chapters in American politics, counting Chads and interpreting votes Gore set this country on a course of political infighting that we’ve not seen since the blue and gray jackets of the Civil war.

We are a nation divided because of Gore’s decision, we have divided into red states and blue states, on every conceivable issue; Global warming, homosexuality, the war in Iraq, immigration, and stem cell research just to name a few things which divide us. These days the only thing that we have national consensus on is that somebody, maybe everybody, is lying to us regarding all of these subjects.

It seems that we can’t get a truthful answer to anything because of agendas and partisanships. Because of that no one can be trusted, no not Congress, doctors, scientist, lawyers, businesspersons, professionals, media, or politicians whom all might be under some unknown influence of the other side that is working to deceived us all.

Now a Democrat Controlled Congress is waging an all out rebellion against a sitting President on purely partisan grounds. They disagree with the way this President is conducing the war, they disagree with this President’s choices for the federal courts, they disagree with this President’s choices of cabinet members and advisors the only thing that this Congress and President agree on is turning this country over to 20 million plus illegal aliens. (There has to be something wrong with that!) Democrats who used political obstruction and non-cooperation when they were in the minority found that attacking republican credibility was a winning formula for seizing power thus they began to use the politics of person destruction on an unsuspecting America to gain power.

President Bush, John Ashcroft, Mark Foley, Tom Delay, Dennis Hastert, Alberto Gonzales, Karl Rove, Dick Cheney, Scooter Libby, and Donald Rumsfield are only a few that have felt the relentless persecution of Democrat credibility attacks. They all have been labeled lairs by Democrats.

However the irony of it is, we now live in a culture that encourages lying yes even celebrates it. Our best liars, the Clintons and Al Gore, are revered and given demi-God status but at the same time we frown on amateurish liars, liars who we can see the flaws in their stories easily are shunned. (Gore who lost in 2000 partially because of his blatant and habitual lying is now the banner carrier for Global warming, unbelievable!)
In an interview with New York Times columnist Maureen Dowd, Hollywood mogul David Geffen tore into the Clintons' integrity and Hillary's electability. "Everybody in politics lies," said Geffen, "but [the Clintons] do it with such ease, it's troubling." Geffen raised the most eyebrows when he referred to the former president as "a reckless guy" who "gave his enemies a lot of ammunition to hurt him and distract the country." Geffen was not just speaking in the past tense. "I don't think anybody believes that in the last six years, all of a sudden Bill Clinton has become a different person," Geffen told Dowd.-- Evan Thomas, Newsweek
Our law schools turn out thousands of bright eyed ethically confused barristers who have been taught that the lawyer who knows how to use the judicial system for desired outcomes of their potential clients are the “smart” and “successful” attorneys. Like Richard Gere’s character Billy Flynn the attorney in the 2002 movie Chicago, create the spin and the whole world dances like marionettes to the spin. These trained definers of alternate legal reality believe that the concepts of truth and justice are for God while winning only is the ultimate goal for any good attorney.

Clients are told not to speak in order to preserve their legal right against self incrimination while they, the best legal minds in the world, work to manipulate an overtaxed, over politicized legal system. This has become a system that hands down rulings which have no basis in reality. One where rulings are tethered to some alternate legal reality where common sense and justice are suspended in order to grant some politically correct elite, legal standing on a purely outrageous nonsensical legal claim.

In spite of what the popular culture is promoting not everyone is a liar. It is possible to have told a lie and yet the habitual practice of lying may not be in one’s nature. And just as there is that 40 year old virgin there is that person that finds lying offense and makes it his or her practice to tell the truth. Yes, there are the trained liars ones who are told that there is no right or wrong there is only a fluid and transitory state of definition, one might refer to this as relativism, a glass is either half empty or half full, the “that depends on what is, is” purely a matter of perspective.

So why do we spend so much of our time calling one another liars if there is no truth? If there is no universal reality, no ultimate standard then there is no lie. If there is no lie everything is true. Ergo Bush told the truth as he saw it!
But it is not that simple when your ultimate goal is to create Orwellian Worldview by Machiavellianism, that is when you intend to change the world by redefining truth and you intend to get people to buy into that redefinition.

When they do and before people realize exactly what is happening to them, you make your redefined reality into law, that’s what this immigration bill is about, force redefinition and alternative reality on the people, and in order to make redefination work you most destroy the old way, destroy the old conservative ideas.

You must discredit those ideas, those people, and those institutions. This is the reason why the President’s credibility is being attacked in such a vicious way; this is why conservatives are being attacked throughout our culture. Conservatives are in the way of this change, this quickening, and this redefinition of reality.

Life will be redefined, marriage will be redefined, America’s borders will be redefined, the middle class will be redefined out of existence and America will be redefined. Some might think this is evolution and that change is good. But what if it is actually the liars who are the purveyors of this change what if their reasons for this change are dishonorable and ignoble and by their redefinition we are less free. What if we lied on Bush? Did you every think of that? What if WE lied on Bush?

Then all who lied on President Bush are the ones with no credibility. So the reporter’s question to the President is turned back on us, if we lied on Bush, the question is how can all of the Global warming, stem cell research, homosexual agenda, and anti-war meme be trusted? As Congress comes back after its Memorial day vacation to pick up right were it left off attempting to hammer away at the President’s credibility, his Attorney General and the War in Iraq we should all take note…

Credibility works both ways or the lack of it!

NOTE: A consortium of news organizations sponsoring the NORC Florida ballot project is made up of The New York Times, The Wall Street Journal, Washington Post Co., Tribune Publishing, CNN, Associated Press, St. Petersburg Times and The Palm Beach Post. The New York Times owns The Boston Globe, the Sarasota Herald-Tribune, and the Lakeland Ledger among others. Washington Post Co. owns The Washington Post and Newsweek. Tribune, based in Chicago, owns the Los Angeles Times, the Chicago Tribune, the Orlando Sentinel, and the South Florida Sun-Sentinel, among others.

The consortium joined together to retain NORC, because they wanted a comprehensive in-depth inventory of all uncounted votes in Florida’s November 2000 Presidential race that would be immune from charges of political bias or methodological weakness. Consortium members will have access to the raw data for a brief period before public release of the database, from which they will develop their own analyses and stories about what the uncounted ballots reveal. Conclusion: President Bush won Florida in 2000 elections.


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