Monday, May 21, 2007

The No Confidence Congress

(L-R) US Senators Mel Martinez, Lindsey Graham and Ted Kennedy (AFP/Chip Somodevilla)

It's like a punchline in a bad joke. Whose approval ratings are lower than President Bush’s? Why Congress’ are!

Congress’ approval ratings are at a low, low 29% now that’s a vote of no confidence from the American people.

It spite of recent polls showing America's no confidence in this Congress, this group of Bush hating political opportunists are set to stage a vote of no confidence in the Attorney General Alberto Gonzales.

Having no evidence of wrong doing against Mr. Gonzales this Democratic controlled Congress has resorted to attempting to shame the attorney general from office. Gonzales should not step down. To bad that Democrats have no shame.

Senator Feinstein
would be shamed for the “Milcon” Iraq war profiteering Scandal, Speaker Pelosi would be shamed for the recent San Francisco $15 billion Water Resources Development Act scandal, Rep. John Murtha would be shamed for the Abscam scandal and his recent House ethics rules scandal and Senator Harry Reid would be shamed for $30,500 Jack Abramhoff related moneys, his land deals and his recent the “war is lost” pronouncement while our troops are in harms way scandals.

But, irony of ironies a Congress the American people has no confidence in is going to vote that they have no confidence in AG Alberto Gonzales.

Why that’s like former Clinton National Advisor Sandy Berger announcing that he has no confidence in our National Archives’ security. (Now that’s funny!)

What’s next the Congress deciding that they have no confidence in President Bush? Oh that’s right they’ve already done that. Or that they have no confidence in our soldiers at war in Iraq? I’m pretty sure that failure to fund them while they’re in the field of battle is as close to a vote of no confidence as you can give them Speaker Pelosi and Senator Reid!

This is political buffoonery of the highest sorts; Democrats are in no position to be voting no confidence in anyone. 64% of American’s don’t approve of Congress' job performance. If Democrats wish to vote for something let them vote for equipping and supplying funding for our soldiers and send a war funding bill to the President before Congress goes on vacation for Memorial Day recess so that our troops will not be fighting unfunded in Iraq.

Senators I hate to break it to you but there is a reason that used car salesmen enjoy more popularity than the U.S. Congress right now and though you Democrats have worked so hard to drag the President’s popularity down even he is polling higher than Congress.

So go ahead and have your little meaningless vote just know that this Congress is no longer trusted by the American people. That’s right; America has no confidence in you Congress!

It must feel good to know that those of you who tried have accomplished your goal of destroying the people’s faith in their government and look it only took you eight years in which to do it!

Congress you’all must be so proud!

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