Monday, May 21, 2007

Slate's Agenda

What could possibly be more comedic than a bunch
of crowing liberals? I’ll tell you! A bunch of
cowering liberals, afraid that some unnamed, virtually
unknown conservative might put them in their place
...... with FACTS.......... something that they seem
completely helpless against!

I posted to Slate for years, under my assumed name,
and took heat from the best that the cowards could
muster, usually four and five at a time. Still, I
managed to stand my ground, when Slate was run
by men with integrety. For the past year or so, I saw
many a good pal banned from the site for speaking
his or her mind, for the sole reason that it didn’t
conform to the leftist regime’s "approved" agenda
of blindly accepting any liberal thought, and instantly
destroying any conservative one.

Recently, I posted some simple common sense
opinion, which was just too much for the leftists
to handle, and so I was shouted down by a bunch
of over-inflated, self-important, bullies, who
refused to have any dissent whatsoever on "their
" Slate. One puppet responded to ANY post that I
made with the words, "ban the troll"............ since
his limited capacity and total lack of facts left him
with nothing to fight with. Not an unusual thing for
a liberal to begin with........... to a liberal Slate poster,
it is commonplace..

Eventually, he garnered the support of several more
drones, who called for my banning, and lo and
behold, the next time I visited Slate,, all my previous
posts had disappeared, and I got the message that my
new post had not been accepted for publication. Slate
offered only the explanation that if I wanted to
question WHY it wasn’t posted, or why I had been
banned, I should email "this" address. Needless to say
that there is no way on this earth, that ANY post makes
it to a non-existent addy.

Of course I never got the opportunity to challenge the
editors of Slate to produce even one shred of evidence
as to the inappropriateness of any of my posts............
..... except maybe for the fact that they are totally
incapable of responding to a single one.

Well can continue on your puppet
training run by killing dissent and purging any posts
that oppose your opinion. That does not make you a
winner by any standard, nor does it make a site that
encourages discourse and discussion. In your infinite
"wisdom" you may blow your own horn, claim
fairness, and practice prejudice, but when all is said
and done, it merely shows that your thinking and your
typing postures are identical.



  1. Welcome brooklyn your insights and commentary are a plus to any site that you choose. Here's hoping that this is just the beginning of a long and productive relationship.

    Slate may not know talent when it sees it but I certainly do!

    Their lost is our gain!


  2. Anonymous5:46 PM

    Hello brooklyn,

    Hope you are doing well.

    It looks like the lie-brals have proven once again that they have a double standard outlook on "free speech" like they do everything else.

    Getting banned from Slate
    was a small loss for me. I was getting fed up with arguing with a bunch of
    ditto-monkeys, anyway.

    Your friend, RC2

  3. RC2 is right brook! Hey RC2 email me sometimes!