Tuesday, May 22, 2007

On Immigration the French Get It!

Nicolas Sarkozy, President of French

Massive legalization doesn’t work! Take it from a country at has tried it and knows. But again America is behind the times and is not current. Riots in the streets of France and Balkanized ghetto neighborhoods where languages other than French is spoken are tearing at the National Identity of France. And France wants it stopped.

France gets it!

America is falling headfirst or shall I say being pushed head first into immigration policies that Big Business and Congress want imposed on the American people.

The American government’s primary purpose is to protect the American people, however, from the President to Congress this government has caved-in to a perfect storm of Big Business, Special Interest groups and Foreign Government influences.

The intention is to remake America. Call it progress or call it evolution but there are those who believe that America has out grown its constitution they believe America has out grown its geological boundaries no more America, but let’s make a North American Continent with Canada, Mexico and the United States and we’ll make it with no borders.

No more Supreme Court either we’ll have a system that will adjudicate trinational matters a system that would supercede the colloquial system of sovereign national government and law.

In a world where things are rarely what they seem it wouldn’t be to surprising to discover that Congresspersons and spokespersons who speak about immigrant rights, fairness and coming out of the shadows into the sunlight of America are only front people for profiteers and global conglomerates who want to buy the mom and pop store of America and replace it with a trinational continental Wal-Mart where labor is cheap and profits are usuriously elevated.

See you get to be called a racist as you have your country stolen right from under you. Now you know how a rape victim feels when they are told that they where asking for it.

That’s right America you were asking for this! Imagine that you don’t get it but the French do!

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