Saturday, June 09, 2007

Google Favors Screwing American Workers!

Our friends at Google made their case before
Congress yesterday,"to open the doors to more
high-skilled foreign workers and make it easier
for them to become citizens. The fact is that
we are in a fierce worldwide competition for
top talent unlike ever before," said Laszlo Bock,
vice-president for people operations at Google.

The usual scare tactics of big business are at play
here! Just who do they think they are fooling?
He goes on to spout............."As companies in
India, China, and other countries step up
efforts to attract highly skilled employees, the
United States must continue to focus on
attracting and retaining these great minds."

This is just a blatant attempt to derail the
opposition to the amnesty and
"chain-immigration"that is built into the
proposed legislation. Is he trying to tell us
that millions of wet-backs, sneaking into the
country illegally, are "great minds"? No!
............. this is just an effort by the usurpers of
ignorant peons, to get as many cheap laborers
into the country as possible, at the expense of the
American worker.

There is no problem with immigration allowing
legal, well educated people into the country, in
the same way that we have always done. But
this smoke screen, deceitful explanation, just
doesn’t hold water.

As to the legal entry of low-scale workers........
who want to become citizens.......we have a
program that allows immigration on
a controlled scale........... in an orderly fashion.
I approve of and applaud that policy. This IS
a country of immigrants...........AND of laws!

"Bock made his comments on June 6 (very
patriotic of him) during business leaders testimony
on immigration reform, before the House
subcommittee on immigration. These leaders
represented different sectors of the economy,
from restaurants, farming, and most conveniently
for Google.......the Internet.

And here’s the good part.................. "But they all
agreed that the U.S. needs to welcome more workers
from abroad". Now if someone can explain to me,
why anybody needs a BA, MA, MS, or PHD, to pick
fruit or harvest vegetables...............I’m listening!
Are these the "great minds" that we are supposed
to be retaining.

Their sole purpose is to have the US relax the
immigration laws so that they can encourage the
greatest exodus in history, from all third world
countries, to the US.

Even assuming that they truly want to import a
higher level of intelligent workers to build our
economy................ why is that so necessary. Why,
when there are thousands upon thousands of
American citizens, fully capable and waiting to
fill those jobs that they are discussing? I’ll tell you
why! They want to further flood the job market,
in order to bring salaries down to the levels of
the developing nations. That my friends is how
you build a business. You find the talent, convince
it that it needs you, more than you need it.....and
then you have a willing worker, thankful for a job
that he could have at third-world wages.

John Gay, senior vice-president for government
affairs and public policy at the National Restaurant
Assn., said "We have a serious demographic
problem in the United States, without an overhaul
to our dysfunctional immigration system, we are
in danger of not having the workers we need to
grow our economy."

American Restaurant Assn.??? Who else would
be screaming for more and more cheap labor?
Has anyone gone to a restaurant that wasn’t
already flooded with non-English-speaking
bus boys, some of whom are most likely illegals?
Have you ever even requested a glass of water
or an extra menu from a bus-boy? Good luck!

Even our friendly "Chinese restaurant" on the
main drag, no longer has any oriental bus-boys.
They are all working in the kitchen, at the cash
register, or waiting tables. I guess they have
stepped up to the next rung on the eco-ladder,
in the true American fashion. I applaud that!

Please don’t misunderstand my intent here. I
firmly believe in immigration..............but a fully
controlled policy. I come from immigrant ancestry,
as most Americans do. Actually, unless you
are of American Indian ancestry, you are all of
immigrant ancestry. (By the way, "native American"
is the "politically correct" way to refer to the
American indian...... sorry, but I am not a "politically
correct" person). So before anyone jumps on
me, and makes some wild accusations about me
being "prejudiced", "ignorant", or some other
trumped up charge.......take a close look at the

How would you like it if tomorrow, your boss,
manager, or whoever....... taps you on the
shoulder to introduce you to your new "less
expensive" replacement?

It’s not an impossible task to return the 12
million illegals to their home countries. In an
orderly and lawful way..... as they are caught.
It’s also not the "cruel and inhumane" policy
that some of the pro-amnesty crowd and our
vote-seeking politicians claim it is. It is simply
an enforcement of laws that have been on our
books for a century or more.

If it is not too bold of me, I remind these
"bleeding heart" Americans, that our ancestors
waited their turns before getting into the country
without jumping the fence...................... and if
they were caught sneaking in, they were
immediately returned to their home countries.
No ifs, ands or buts!

Forcing employers to hire legal immigrants by
increasing fines and spontaneous checks is
the surest way to bring the illegal situation
under control. Photo ID, assuring that the
person who is working is the person who should
be, is another way. It's impossible to live, without
a job. But......... I am sure that the UCLU will have
something to scream about with that idea. Hey!....
UN-American Civil Liberties Union.............. nothing
wrong with proving who you are. Anybody who is
afraid of that, has very good reason, and probably
shouldn’t be here at all. Any illegal caught within US
borders, should be immediately deported and banned
from re-entering the country.

With a little law enforcement, tighter border
security and common sense, this immigration problem
can be solved.

If I were a Senator or Representative now, I would
be more concerned with the American voter, who is
watching their voting on this upcomming bill. They
have to put aside their political agendas, along with
those of big business and the ever disruptive ACLU,
which just happens to have been founded by a


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