Sunday, June 10, 2007

Immigration Deal on Verge of Collapse??

Of course, stupid! It was a totally unpassable
bill from the start. I had commented once
before, that it wasn’t a "new" compromise
proposal, but the same old one, wrapped in a

Financial Times editorialist, Alex Barker, tries
vainly in his article, to distort the true outcome of
the bill. He makes it seem as though there had
been broad support right along...... and then pow!,
it "appeared on the verge of collapse on Friday
after disgruntled members of both parties joined
forces to block the bill".

Bull-dinky!....... it was dead before negotiations
started. How any Senator, Democrat or Republican
could vote for such a piece of trash, amazes me.
President Bush......... the man that I supported not
once, but twice, should be ashamed for trying to
force this "plan" down the American people’s

Barker refers to the bill as an attempt to "overhaul
the troubled immigration system", Hey Alex!!!,
How do you fix a system by compounding the
problem? I bet you know. You allow another
twenty million "quasi-legal" immigrants into the
country, by giving amnesty to the twelve million that
are already here. Those twenty million will be the
extended families of those who broke our laws and
got away with just a slap on the wrist...... while the
tax-payers of the US pick up the tab.

Our country will have a financial collapse of
major proportions, if this bill ever becomes the
law of the land. Where will the funds come from,
for the thousand additional schools that will be
needed, the necessary hospitals and medical care,
and the funds for public housing?

Instead of spending the billions necessary to complete
the above, let’s use just a portion of that money to
strengthen our borders - building the entire wall
if necessary - add two thousand more border patrol
agents, and enforce photo ID for ALL workers in
the country.

Barker goes on to write, "It highlights how easily the
divided political culture can undermine attempts to
tackle big domestic issues, such as social security
and healthcare".

And then, he makes the totally ridiculous
claim,"While the proposal has sparked fierce
debate, polls suggest the public broadly
supported the reforms"

Another blatant attempt by the liberal Financial
Times, to skewer the editorial, to a promotional
release for the pro-amnesty group. Shame on you,
Alex. You know, as well as I do, that the public
does NOT support this bill. They never have,
they don’t now, and they never will.

So let Ted Kennedy come "roaring back" and try
to "snatch victory out of the jaws of defeat". If
he isn’t careful, the jaws may snatch him. People
have already had enough of Kennedy, Pelosi and

The Democrats want this bill desperately. They
pretend that they are trying to work "with" Bush,
but their motives are strictly one sided. You gather
about twelve million ignorant illegals, you tell them
how the Democratic Party is the party that gave them
their citizenship, you indoctrinate them into the fold,
and you tell them how to vote. That is the Dem plan
to keep themselves in power. By the time that
"extended family" process begins, our liberal friends
will be able to count on another twenty or so
million votes............ plus the votes of the citizen
Hispanics and their sympathizers. That should keep
the Democrats in power for the next sixty years.

Alex,........... the bill needs a lot more than "further
improvement". It needs to be totally rewritten in
a manner in keeping with our national heritage.

No amnesty. No slap-on-the-wrist justice. No "path
to citizenship"... Go home and apply through legal
channels. We are still the melting pot of the world,
but refuse to be inundated by non-English speaking
"invaders" under the guise of "foreign workers".


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