Wednesday, June 06, 2007

I Join the Call!

Let’s go Democrats............ return all that dirty
money that you received from the now indicted
William Jefferson!

As Matt Margolis notes, when Tom DeLay was
indicted, the Democrats, led by Rham Emanuel,
pressured congressional Republicans to return
any DeLay contributions they received. Isn’t
turn-about fair play?

Will the Democrats of the "Original Culture of
Corruption" take the same medicine that they
once prescribed? I doubt it, but all Americans
should be aware of this double standard from
the Pelosi and Reid "gang of thieves".

Jefferson donated his ill-gotten gains, to the
tune of $140,000, to the Democrats Campaign
Committee. So besides being liars and
manipulators, they accepted dirty money, and
seem perfectly content to keep it.

On the list of recipients were:
Nick Lampson, D-TX, Heath Shuler, D-NC,
Ciro Rodrigues, D-TX. Only Lampson is reported
to have returned Jefferson’s Contribution.

Other Democrats who received financial support
from Jefferson are:
Sanford Bishop, $1000; Corrine Brown, $2000;
Lois Capps, $500; Julia Carson, $1000; Donna
Christensen, $1000; Emanuel Cleaver, $2000;
Chet Edwards, $1000; Al Green, $2000; Alcee
Hastings, $1000; Barbara Lee, $1000; John
Lewis, $500; Carolyn McCarthy, $1000; Charlie
Melancon, $2000; Gwendolynne Moore, $1000;
Brad Sherman, $1000; and Mel Watt, $1000.

Jefferson also contributed $5,680 to the
Congressional Black Caucus (CBC) PAC.

Jefferson’s Future PAC gave $1,000 each to
Democrat Representatives Corrine Brown,
Julia Carson, Eddie Bernice Johnson, Carloyn
McCarthy, Kendrick Meek, Mike Ross, and
Linda Sanchez.

Morally and ethically, this money should be
returned or donated to charity, as Margolis states.

But then, the Democrats are used to accepting
donations from felons, illegals and foreign
governments. Don’t be surprised if they keep it.
It’s their nature!


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