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The “Kennedy-Bush Amnesty" Bill

President Bush and Senator Kennedy

"If we will not endure a king as a political power we should not endure a king over the production, transportation, and sale of any of the necessaries of life."—John Sherman

The Kennedy-Bush amnesty bill
or Comprehensive Immigration Reform must be defeated!

Why do we need Comprehensive Immigration Reform in this country anyway? According to President Bush, Senator Ted Kennedy and other advocates of this movement it is because our present immigration laws are broken. How are they broken and who broke them, questions like these should reveal who is behind immigration reform and what are the real reasons and forces that are attempting to change America. As well these questions should reveal the actual impact that the Comprehensive Immigration Reform Act, (CIRA) will have on this country.

3,000 to 8,000 illegal aliens violate American borders daily, it is estimated that anywhere from 12 million to 20 million illegal aliens reside in the United States of America, how is this possible?

It is possible because the President, Congress and advocates of the Citizens of Mexico, who illegally cross American borders, refuse to enforce the borders of the United States of America. This refusal to do so is what is broken about U.S. immigration laws!

I got your “Comprehensive Immigration Reform Act” right here!

If the President truly desired to fix what is broken with America’s immigration laws the very first thing must be to stop the bleeding, into America, of illegals who cross our borders with the blatant disrespect and disregard of American laws that they demonstrate.

Two things would start us well on our way, one finish the fence that was already voted on by Congress, signed into law and promised to the American people. The second thing is stop preventing the border patrol from enforcing America’s law at the border. You can’t claim that we are a Nation of laws and not enforce the very laws that distinguish this country from other countries by boundary. Immigration is broken in this country because it is allowed, encouraged and is meant to be so. The White house, Congress, Illegal Alien Advocates and Business are all complicit in America’s broken immigration condition.

Second, honestly discussing the issue of immigration would do a great deal to bring clarity to what is actually happening to America. Underlying this whole issue is a plan to supply business with low wage workers.

To be clear, these are jobs that business obviously couldn’t out source or export or they would have for the cheap labor of India or China. But you can’t very well send farmland in California or a hotel in New York overseas so the next best thing is to import the cheap laborers to do the work in this country ergo the phenomena of illegal entry. One simply creates a vacuum of low wage jobs that Americans (can’t afford to do) wouldn’t do and that vacuum is filled with anxious willing foreign workers after all one man’s slave wages is another man’s… slave wages, but hell the other man was working for less than slave wages back home in Mexico!

This is the economic reality of what is happening with the immigration crisis but the President and advocates of this policy won’t tell you that. They’ll just call you unpatriotic and bigoted if you don’t comply with their wishes as they busily trying to push laws that are detrimental to America upon the American people while trying to convince you that said laws are good for America.

In reality what they are proposing is only good for businesses in America and that may or may not benefit the American people especially if the profit of the company enviably means that America loses its sovereignty.

They couldn’t tell you this because you might think it wrong to import quasi-slave labor into America in order to maximize profits for business while undercutting the greedy American worker who continuously demands health benefits, living wages to support their families, buy gasoline and buy the products that these businesses sell.

And of course, if you knew who these businesses were you might call them into account. So they skulk around hiding in the shadows and out of the light of day. Hiding behind the President and Senators like Senator Ted Kennedy while avoiding all of the politics surrounding this highly volatile issue after all bad publicity is bad for business!

Solutions for the Immigration Crisis

Now that we understand the underlying problems we can rightly fix what causes this economic-political made crisis. We have established that it is business that is the driving force behind the illegal alien crisis and it is business that is behind the so-called political fix of amnesty for illegal aliens.

Business wants workers, cheap labor if that is granted to business this whole problem would be solved because as an amoral entity business doesn’t care whether the workers are legal or illegal as demonstrated by the hiring of illegals already! Also business doesn’t care whether these workers are law breakers or law abiders as demonstrated by the hiring of illegals already!

So to answer the problems of supplying business with the workers it needs and to keep American’s sovereignty intact this is my suggestion to solve the Immigration crisis for America.

Before you grant amnesty to one Mexican National why don’t we put Americans first? What I mean is don’t grant amnesty to a single foreign national until you grant amnesty to Americans.

We have plenty of American law breakers in jail for non-violent crimes. They may have stolen or embezzled money or even cheated on their taxes. I proposal that each and every American that is incarcerated be granted amnesty before any Mexican law breaker receives it.

The American can simply pay a fine for the debt owed to society and promise to, number one, never commit the crime which they were imprisoned for again and, number two, they must work for the slave wages that free Americans won’t work for.

That would immediately save the government money because the states would have less cost for imprisoning these folks and if they are released and if they were obligated to work for wages that free Americans won’t work for, that would fulfill the need for the low wage workers that amoral businesses are clambering for also it would reunited American families that have been torn apart by long cruel incarcerations. So there it is! We would have savings to the government, business supplied with low wage workers and American families united!

It only makes sense that if we are going to reward law breakers then let us reward our own American law breakers first!

These Americans would be granted the some rights and considerations that our government is ready to give to people who are not citizens of this country.

We can cut prison cost and bring Americans who are behind bars from out of the shadows of incarceration and supply business with the laborer that it needs. All American made!

Let’s face it all this talk about a comprehensive immigration reform act is really about supplying low wage workers for big business. President Bush and Republicans should listen to this because bluntly, you need something to pull your fat out of the fire for 2008. So ditch the CIRA and stop the talk about granting amnesty to illegal aliens and grant amnesty to Americans! Mr. President you may want to start with Scooter Libby.

It would only be fair to grant amnesty to American law breakers before you grant amnesty to illegal aliens. It is not right to allow Americans to languish in jail for offenses and violations that are comparable to what illegal aliens do when they illegally enter into our country break our laws, steal identity, steal social services, steal tax payers dollars by using the hospital emergency rooms, or by sending their children to schools or those who drive without licenses or without car insurance. The fact is there are a number of laws that illegal aliens break daily so granting amnesty to American law breakers who are already incarcerated is more expedient for this country because we would reduce the cost to the society when we empty our jails of many of the petty criminals who inhabit our jails.

For instance grant Paris Hilton amnesty release her let her work a low wage job that Americans wouldn’t work and it’s a win, win situation. No cost to incarcerate her and the money that she is paid to do the job of, cleaning hotel rooms, picking crops, working fast food or any of the many jobs that Americans wouldn’t do stays in America and is not sent to another country to support that country’s economy.

For example, Colorado is leading the way with this reform. Colorado has stiffened its laws regarding illegal aliens and is using prisoners to do the work that illegal aliens would do, the result?

A decrease in social cost because prison cost is positively impacted and an exodus of illegal aliens from Colorado because of laws that discourages illegality so social cost that support illegal aliens are reduced too. A win, win again!

Finally there is no shame in protecting Americans and America first. If we are lost then no one can enjoy the benefits and bounties of this nation.

Fixing what ills America is a simple fix start by enforcing the immigration laws at are already on the books all immigration most be legal immigration.

Those who have broken our laws should not be rewarded. To be fair if Paris Hilton can go to jail anyone who breaks our immigration laws should be deported by law. Do not refer to this country as a nation of laws while not enforcing the law.

The workers are here already imprisoned. Pardon them, give them amnesty, let them pay fines and work the low paying wages that other Americans can’t afford to work.

When all the incentives are withdrawn that entices Mexican Nationals to break American laws the floods that crush our borders will cease. When a program is enacted to capture and return all foreigners similar to what France has enacted against foreigners who have purposely disregarded their laws that will be comprehensive immigration reform.

The Bush-Kennedy compromise is a compromise that sells citizenship like the church used to sell indulges that is not the American way and that is not good for America. CIRA must be defeated because it is not good for America. One would think that officials that took an oath to protect the Constitution and America should know that Misters Bush and Kennedy!

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  1. Anonymous5:54 PM

    It's a nation of laws alright. Go break one as an American citizen and see how "justice" get served on you.

    Politics is all about money , and has nothing to do with what is right or wrong. The Constitution is fast becoming irrelevant, as

    Speaking of justice, The Swimmer never paid for getting drunk and drowning Mary-Jo. Money talks, and Kennedy walks, and/or waddles.