Friday, June 22, 2007

If Iraq is Bush’s War, Illegal Immigration is Congress’ Fault

According to Harry Reid and Nancy Pelosi Iraq is Bush's war even though Congress gave the authority to go to war with Iraq. However the immigration debacle is purely the Democrats and Congress' horrible mistake.

It’s the numbers stupid and your Congress set these numbers in play. Congress sets the numbers for immigration so this "broken immigration" situation is Congress’ broken immigration situation and this is the stupidest thing that anyone or any body of people have ever done to this country. And yes this immigration debacle is far more stupid than anything that President Bush has ever done! No wonder Congress is at a 14% all time historical low.

The late Rep. Barbara Jordan (D-TX) chaired a commission to study immigration in 1995 in which her committee recommendations would have been a part of the fix for immigration in this country. Imagine that Democrats doing something right.

Rep. Jordan's Commission called for zero illegal immigration and an end to chain immigration in America. Out of those recommendations legislation H.R. 2202 was written by a Democratic controlled House of Congress. What the nonpartisan Commission called for was a strategy of preventing all illegal entry into the United States. Democrats proposed a zero tolerance for illegal alien entry into the United States.

The day the full, Democratic controlled, House began consideration of H.R. 2202, the Clinton Administration announced its support for a amendment to the bill by Reps. Dick Chrysler, Howard Berman and Sam Brownback to eliminate all of the reductions of numbers from the bill thus "broken immigration" is the Democrat’s fault, "broken immigration" is Congress’ fault! It’s the numbers stupid! And Democrats and Congress blew it big time on immigration. Roy Beck of NumbersUSA explains:


  1. Anonymous12:53 PM

    I might have missed it, but what branch, and who in government is responsible for enforcing our laws?

  2. The judiciary branch is primarily responsible for interpreting and enforcing the laws that are written by the legislative branch.

    When the legislative branch writes an incompetent or unenforceable law as apparently what has happened with our immigration laws the country lapses into lawlessness.

    Ergo hundreds of thousands of illegal aliens and their enablers parading in the streets of America uninhibited and unafraid of any law enforcement because the law is not written to be enforced.

    I believe that is what you've missed!

  3. Anonymous5:29 PM

    no the executive enforces not the judiciary

  4. What enforcement means does the executive have?