Friday, June 22, 2007

Yet Another “Link”!

The pro-terrorist, anti-American, Democrat-
controlled Congress...........takes another step
in favor of calling a truce in the war on terror.
Next will come an all-out surrender, as we cut
and run from Iraq, in the Vietnam mode.

In a predominantly partisan vote, the
Democratic controlled Senate Judiciary
Committee will restore the right of habeas
corpus to terrorists, in direct conflict with the
Bush administration policy of detainment.

In their infinite wisdom(?), the liberals will
give to non-US citizens, captured on the
battlefields of Afghanistan and Iraq, the
right to walk out of jail, and probably flee the
country before they can be tried. They will set
them "free" without any regard to determining
who among them represents a serious
danger to our way of life and our country.

Of course, why should this be a surprise to
anyone? The Democrats have shown over and
over again, that their only talent is to critique
what others have accomplished, while having
absolutely no concrete plans with which to
replace what they dislike, for the sole purpose
of votes!

Last election, they claimed that what the
country needed was a real change from the
evils of the Republican administration.
Well, it seems that we got what the liberals
wanted so desperately. We traded one kind of
corruption for a worse kind, a firm foreign
policy for a weak one, sensible anti-terrorist
action for distraction, and men of principle
for men of question.

But most of all, we traded our respect and
confidence, for a bag of beans. The voter
does indeed have a short memory!


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  1. Hopefully the voter's memories will improve and focus on the real enemies of this country. The enemies within!