Friday, July 13, 2007

Former Senators Walking

Senator Mitch McConnell, Senate Minority Leader

Republicans need Conservatives who will fight for Republican ideas. Twelve Senators voted against Conservatives on what was the biggest issue that has come along in quite some time concerning Conservatives and Americans, Cloture on the Immigration bill, showing an all to apparent disconnect between Conservatives and the Senators who were elected to represent Conservatives.

Also it most be said that some of these twelve Senators are personally responsible for the 2006 defeat of a Republican controlled Senate because of their extreme individualism bordering on maverickism.

Over the years it has become painfully apparent that some of these Senators are uncomfortable with Conservatism. For example Senator Olympia Snowe is a Lincoln Chaffe Republican in the worst tradition of Conservatism. She and Republican Senators like her should either change their Party affiliation or step down or be removed so that a Conservative can do the job that these American Senators won’t do.

In light of the hyper-partisanship of the Democrat Party if Conservatives are not as enthusiastic and committed to their ideas this country will be ripped away from its traditional moorings in the span of two Presidential administrations.

If any of the follow are your Senator(s) please help by looking for a Conservative in your state to run against these politicians and support that person against these incumbents. We must do all that we can to strengthen the Party that Bush, McCain, Specter and Lott has decimated.

Bring Conservatism back to the Republican Party and finish the sweep of 2006! It’s time for a new direction within our Party, its time for pride in the things that Conservatives stand for.

If Democrats can have pride in homosexuality, abortion, refusing to protect America and hating Republicans, we certainly can have pride in fighting to protect America and American values, marriage, families, life, liberty and happiness with none of the perversions that Liberals attempt to attach to these ideas!

Defeat these former Senators walking and give them what they really want, the ability to support Liberal ideology! Of course they’ll do it on their own dime!

AZ Sen. Jon Kyl

AZ Sen. John McCain III

FL Sen. Melquiades Martinez

ID Sen. Larry Craig

IN Sen. Richard Lugar

ME Sen. Olympia Snowe

MS Sen. Chester Lott Sr.

NE Sen. Charles Hagel

NH Sen. Judd Gregg

PA Sen. Arlen Specter

SC Sen. Lindsey Graham

UT Sen. Robert Bennett

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