Thursday, July 12, 2007

Oh Now You Want to Fight Sen. Specter?

Ex-Senator Walking Arlen Specter
Sen. Arlen Specter co-sponsored Sen. Kennedy’s S 1639: A bill to provide for comprehensive immigration reform and for other purposes. And he voted yes for cloture which would have move the Illegal Immigration Amnesty Bill closer to becoming citizenship for illegal aliens.

Specter mistakenly thought that his alliance with the Democrats against the American people on illegal immigration would indemnify him from Democrat disrespect, rancor and rank partisanship on the judiciary committee where he seats.

Sen. Specter was wrong! Democrats didn’t forget the most important thing to a Democrat, which is oppose everything that Republicans do.

Apparently Democrats made Sen. Specter some quid-pro-quo promises in exchange for his vote on amnesty that they’ve gone back on. And obviously Sen. Specter thought that years of vacillating between Conservative and Liberal ideas would earn him street creds for the Democrat gangstas on Capitol Hill.

I’m reminded of the old joke of the monkey that hitched a ride across a river on the back of an alligator. The monkey thought better of it but the alligator promised that he would deliver the monkey to the other side safe and wouldn’t eat him.

On that promise the monkey hopped on the alligators back and they were off. About the center of the river there was no turning back the alligator tossed the monkey up in the air and snapped him into his mouth. The monkey cried out, but alligator you promised not to eat me! To which the alligator replied, what did you expect monkey, eating you is in my nature!

So now Sen. Specter wants to fight Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid (D-Nev.) and Senate Judiciary Chairman Patrick Leahy (D-Vt.) for breaking promises they made regarding Judge Leslie Southwick, President Bush’s pick for the 5th Circuit Court of Appeals.

Southwick is a judge with an exemplary record and the American Bar Association rated him unanimously well qualified, the highest possible rating.

But alas, qualifications are not what Democrat look for. Democrats look for whether a Republican appointee can pass a liberal litmus test. It’s all very partisan and Sen. Specter shouldn’t act so surprised it has always been the Democrat’s way or the highway which is the reason that a Democrat should not and must not occupy the Whitehouse.

Senator Specter, Republicans will fight this fight for Judge Southwick because this is the right fight and the right time. And yes Republicans are looking for leadership and Republicans are looking for a Republican almost any Republican who is willing to fight for Republican principles and ideology much like Democrats fight for liberal ideology and use liberal ideology against a judge of Judge Southwick’s caliber.

That being said Sen. Specter Republicans remember too! We remember all of the Senators who tried to force amnesty for illegal Mexican nationals onto law. We remember that you Sen. Specter have been questionable as a Republican for years. And you and Republican Senators like you are primarily responsible for the disunity in the Republican ranks that aided in the 2006 Democrat sweep into Congressional power.

And though we will support conservative ideas no matter who promotes them, Sen. Specter, you shouldn’t confuse Republican support for Judge Southwick for support for you.

As far as I’m concerned Sen. Specter you are an ex-Senator walking and though we will fight this fight along with you Sen. Specter you have shown that you are not a reliable fighter for conservative ideas therefore we will be looking for a Conservative to oppose you in the primaries when you run for re-election to the Senate.

Just consider this fight the first fight in the last troughs of your career Sen. Specter. Republicans are looking to move in a new direction a direction in which Republicans will naturally fight for Conservative ideas not only when it’s politically expedite.

As many Conservatives, you and President Bush must have just realized Senator Specter, it is in the nature of Democrats to break their promises to Conservatives just as it is permitted in Islam for Muslims to lie to unbelievers.

What did you expect Senator?


  1. Right with you, Alaphiah!

    We have to hold onto this anger, well into election time, and clean house of all the traitorous Republicans, and the spineless, deceitful Democrats.


  2. That guy has the facial features of a bottom feeding carp!. I sure feel safer seeing people like that as part of our great leadership!.

  3. Anonymous11:20 PM

    Dear GANG:

    I'm back from my honeymoon with Zlerptog the Martian. We had lots of Thunderbird and Irish Rose. We went to area 51 and flew Zlerptog's Rocket Ship all over the place. We visited Zlerptog's family in Mars and went to Planet Pluto. We had a great time.

    RC2, how dare you call John Murtha a crook! That video you refernced from the BootJohnMurtha Web Page clearly shows that he did not take the bribe for good reason, he was not ready to deliver. When Big John takes a Bribe, he delivers! You can't tell me that John Murtha isn't an honest man!

    TWOG & Zlerptog

  4. TWOG & Zlerptog?.

    I miss TWOG. I never had so much fun angering a Socialistic baboon as I did
    the mighty TWOG!.

    How are you doing MD?.

  5. Anonymous12:18 PM

    Dear RC2:

    We could simulate the fight. We could play off of each other, one of us being the Straight Man and the Other of us throwing Boomerangs. Nothing burns a Lib up more than a Pseudo-Lib engaging in a dialogue with a "Neo-Con" ( in which other Libs are ignored) where the Pseudo-Lib throws Boomerangs.

    BTW, did you see how I got a charge from someone as to what Hillary's Campaign Theme Song should be? You'd think that guy was defending Hillary! Like they say, "You can't Polish a ****!"